38 years of Phoenix Teefactory

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One more year, we got together to celebrate the 38 years of Phoenix Teefactory! On this day we gather all together to take some pictures and to talk about future projects. 🙂

The main novelty this year is the opening of our new custom tees showroom, which many of us had not been able to visit yet.

So we spent a good time fooling around and snooping on every corner of the showroom, while they took some unexpected pictures. Not even sorry, guys! 📸

Many of our clients have been working with us for years, and a few of them personally know some of our great sales team. They are responsible for solving doubts and provide advice on each step of the order of your personalised garments. Here they are:

Our printing workshop has been expanding step by step, and now we achieved a large, luminous and well conditioned space in which each team can feel comfortable to work.

Here you have the screen printing team, screen printing laboratory team and digital printing team.

Between Photoshop and Pantone colours, we can find our graphic design team, always ready to adjust and prepare your designs to get the better printing results. 👨‍🎨

Behind our website there is a lot of work (and also a lot of love, why deny it) of our I.T. team. Programming, layouts and tapping lot of code is what they do so that you can navigate in a simple and intuitive way through our website. 👩‍💻

From the content team we manage social media, blogs, product descriptions and many other things. So, we never stop creating brand new stuff.

And as you can see, neither web nor content teams are really into taking sunbathes. 🧛‍♀️

The accounting team manages all accounts faultlessly. And they might have a great time doing it, because from their office we always hear them laugh out loud. Surely it’s because they handle the money… 💰

We have new future projects in which to continue working, both in our printing workshop and in our websites, but we will tell you that in another post. See you on the next anniversary!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website tshirts-uk.com or call us on: 0203 695 2122