6 Ways to use Muslin Bags

Cotton bags are fashionable and useful: they are too cute to resist! From Teefactory we bring you 6 ways to use muslin bags.

Muslin Bags

1.- Custom packaging

Do you have a handmade jewellery or perfume brand and are you looking for an original, beautiful and resistant custom packaging? Mini cotton bags are the real thing!

If we choose to print these cotton muslin bags with our logo, the result is just perfect. As customers, we always appreciate these small details when it comes to a brand.

6 Ways to use Muslin Bags 1

2.- Wedding favors

One of the most frequent uses of these muslin bags are to create wedding favors for our guests. Although its small size there is room for tiny gifts such as sweets, some makeup, a purse mirror, an aromatic candle or whatever you want to give away.

Its beautiful natural raw colour combines perfectly with a dark printed design. And if you prefer a more alternative look, these small cloth bags are also available in black.

6 Ways to use Muslin Bags 2

3.- Seed bags

Ecological and natural is trendy, so we are not surprised that cotton sacks filled with seeds are increasingly popular. Its size and adaptable shape means that they can be stored anywhere and that adapts well to all body shapes.

These seed bags can be filled with wheat, rice, eucalyptus, mint, rosemary, lavender … It can be used cold or hot, depending on what we need it for. They are usually used to relieve muscle aches or help lower fever, among many other uses.

6 Ways to use Muslin Bags 3

4.- Scented sachet bags

A retro detail that is returning to our lives are the closet scent sachets, used to provide a good smell to our wardrobes and storage clothes. They can be put on hangers or in drawers and best of all: we can customize the fragrance!

We can fill them with dried flowers, citrus skins, soap tablets or sea salt soaked in essential oils. As you have to change them once a month, and we have several places to store clothes at home, we recommend having at least 10 units of cloth bags to make our aromatic sachets.

6 Ways to use Muslin Bags 4

5.- Crafts and DIY

If you are passionate about DIY tutorials these cotton muslin bags are an opportunity to be creative, since they can be decorated and painted in multiple ways.

Its 100% cotton fabric allows decoration with textile markers or pain. They are a great addition to use in workshops in schools, art clubs, associations and camps.

6 Ways to use Muslin Bags 5

6.- Bulk muslin bags

Organic stores are everywhere now, so we can buy different bulk food, such as legumes, nuts, cereals or pasta. To reduce plastic use, these stores offer a sustainable and reusable alternative: bulk food bags.

The breathable fabric of these printable bags make them an essential item to going shopping groceries in a zero waste lifestyle.

Don’t forget to take a look at our online bag catalogue to choose your perfect cloth bag!