Design your own Bandanas: Screen printing vs All over printing

If you ever wanted to design your own bandanas, maybe you don’t know what printing technique is the best for you. That’s why in Teefactory we have prepared a little guide on how to design your own neck tubes using screen printing or all over printing.

Design your own Bandanas

Design your own bandanas: how to start?

Before we start talking about printing techniques and types of bandanas, the first thing before design your own bandanas is to have an artwork ready to print. It’s essential to know what we want to print onto the bandanas, since it’s not the same to print a picture than a single-colour text.

The artwork it’s the first step before asking a quote, choose a bandana model and proceed to the printing.

Design your own Bandanas
Design your own Bandanas: Screen printing vs All over printing 1

Triangular bandanas or tubular necks warmers?

In our online catalogue we offer a wide range of bandanas and neck tubes, but our best-sellers are with no doubt the classic triangular bandanas and the neck warmers. But you can also choose between fleece neck warmers, square headbands and even pirate bandana, but today we are going to focus on our best-selling items.

The triangle bandanas are perfect for town parties, heg do, NGOs and associations. They are usually worn tied to the neck or head, and if they are maxi size they can be worn tied to the waist. You can choose from different sizes and materials, including cotton, polyester or polycotton fabric.

Design your own Bandanas: Screen printing vs All over printing 2
Design your own Bandanas: Screen printing vs All over printing 3

Instead, the neck tubes are made of 100% polyester with a soft cotton touch, and they come in a standard size. They can be used in multifunctionals ways and are usually seen as a complement for bikers, events, sports teams, promotional gifts and hiking clubs.

Design your own Bandanas: Screen printing vs All over printing 4
Design your own Bandanas: Screen printing vs All over printing 5

Screen printing vs All Over Print

As a general matter, the design determinate which printing technique is the right one to use, unless we look for a particular finish for our bandanas.

Screen printing is very cheap but in bandanas and neck tubes we can only use a few flat colours, without gradients or complicated details. A single colour text or a simple logo are perfect to make screen printed bandanas.

Design your own Bandanas: Screen printing vs All over printing 6
Design your own Bandanas: Screen printing vs All over printing 7
Design your own Bandanas: Screen printing vs All over printing 8

The full print has no colour limit and can be used on the entire surface of the tubular tube neck or bandana, getting high resolution results. The printing budget is higher, but it’s very worthwhile if you want to reproduce all kinds of pictures or patterns.

Design your own Bandanas: Screen printing vs All over printing 9
Design your own Bandanas: Screen printing vs All over printing 10
Design your own Bandanas: Screen printing vs All over printing 11

But in case of doubt our expert sales team will advise you on every step of your bandanas purchase so you achieve a perfect result at the best value!

6 Ways to use Muslin Bags

Cotton bags are fashionable and useful: they are too cute to resist! From Teefactory we bring you 6 ways to use muslin bags.

Muslin Bags

1.- Custom packaging

Do you have a handmade jewellery or perfume brand and are you looking for an original, beautiful and resistant custom packaging? Mini cotton bags are the real thing!

If we choose to print these cotton muslin bags with our logo, the result is just perfect. As customers, we always appreciate these small details when it comes to a brand.

6 Ways to use Muslin Bags 12

2.- Wedding favors

One of the most frequent uses of these muslin bags are to create wedding favors for our guests. Although its small size there is room for tiny gifts such as sweets, some makeup, a purse mirror, an aromatic candle or whatever you want to give away.

Its beautiful natural raw colour combines perfectly with a dark printed design. And if you prefer a more alternative look, these small cloth bags are also available in black.

6 Ways to use Muslin Bags 13

3.- Seed bags

Ecological and natural is trendy, so we are not surprised that cotton sacks filled with seeds are increasingly popular. Its size and adaptable shape means that they can be stored anywhere and that adapts well to all body shapes.

These seed bags can be filled with wheat, rice, eucalyptus, mint, rosemary, lavender … It can be used cold or hot, depending on what we need it for. They are usually used to relieve muscle aches or help lower fever, among many other uses.

6 Ways to use Muslin Bags 14

4.- Scented sachet bags

A retro detail that is returning to our lives are the closet scent sachets, used to provide a good smell to our wardrobes and storage clothes. They can be put on hangers or in drawers and best of all: we can customize the fragrance!

We can fill them with dried flowers, citrus skins, soap tablets or sea salt soaked in essential oils. As you have to change them once a month, and we have several places to store clothes at home, we recommend having at least 10 units of cloth bags to make our aromatic sachets.

6 Ways to use Muslin Bags 15

5.- Crafts and DIY

If you are passionate about DIY tutorials these cotton muslin bags are an opportunity to be creative, since they can be decorated and painted in multiple ways.

Its 100% cotton fabric allows decoration with textile markers or pain. They are a great addition to use in workshops in schools, art clubs, associations and camps.

6 Ways to use Muslin Bags 16

6.- Bulk muslin bags

Organic stores are everywhere now, so we can buy different bulk food, such as legumes, nuts, cereals or pasta. To reduce plastic use, these stores offer a sustainable and reusable alternative: bulk food bags.

The breathable fabric of these printable bags make them an essential item to going shopping groceries in a zero waste lifestyle.

Don’t forget to take a look at our online bag catalogue to choose your perfect cloth bag!

Metallic Inks on T-shirts

Getting metallic inks on t-shirts is easy with screen printing. In our Teefactory workshop it’s one of the most popular options!

Metallic inks on t-shirts

How do we get a metallic gold print on t-shirts?

We only use high quality plastisol inks in our screen printing process. Metallic inks are formulated with small metal flakes in their composition that result in that silver and gold effect. And the quality and durability is exactly the same.

Metallic screen printing inks are unquestionably striking, especially if combined with a dark coloured t-shirt.

The value-for-money is still spectacular, but we must bear in mind that print with metallic inks will always increase our printing budget.

Metallic inks on tshirts
Metallic Inks on T-shirts 17

Customising metallic inks on t-shirts

If you are looking for an original ink for your merch, promotional or corporate t-shirts, gold ink is always an option to consider.

As its price is quite affordable, it is used for bands t-shirts, but also for companies, clubs, events or festivals tees. In addition, it can be combined with other normal inks or even with another printing technique for an even more exclusive result.

Gold metallic ink can be used in all types of garments: t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, bags and many more.

Metallic Inks on T-shirts 18
Metallic Inks on T-shirts 19

Original t-shirts that don’t go unnoticed

Although classic t-shirts are always a safe option, choosing a different garment can make a difference. As for example, these V-neck t-shirts:

V-neck tees are quite popular nowadays, especially among men’s fashion.

You just have to choose a garment from our online catalogue to start your customised tees. Don’t forget to use our useful filters to find the perfect colour, cut, brand or price that you’re looking for.

Metallic Inks on T-shirts 20
Metallic Inks on T-shirts 21

Il Miglio Idro Swim Sports T-shirts

If you are into swimming challenges, you can not miss this event that take place in Idro lake: a spectacular opportunity to enjoy one of the most spectacular and breathtaking italian pre-alpine lakes. Also, let us show you these vibrant Il Miglio Idro Swim Sports T-shirts we did for all the competitors. 🙂

Sports T-shirts

Sports T-shirts for everyone!

It is the second time that we collaborated with Il Miglio Idro Swim to make personalised sports t-shirts for the event, which are part of a welcome pack given at the event registration.

Il Miglio Idro Swim challenge is for everyone: children and adults, amateur or expert swimmers. It is not a real competition though, since it is more about enjoying the scenic nature. You can choose between two distances: one marine mile or half a mile . 🙂

Sports T-shirts
Sports T-shirts

Printed sports shirts are normally used as a give away to every participant. After the event everyone can take home their tee as a souvenir and wear it to work out, so it also works as an advertising item.

For this year’s custom sports t-shirts, our client chose to print their design on the front and back of polyester t-shirts with 5-colour screen-printing on the front, 1 colour on the back and 1 colour on the sleeve print.

Il Miglio Idro Swim Sports T-shirts 22
Il Miglio Idro Swim Sports T-shirts 23

Screen-printing is the most popular printing method, that allows for a long-lasting and durable print on all types of garments.

With the possibility of printing up to 6 spot colours in a 30x30cm space, it is by far the best value-for-money textile printing technique on the market!

Il Miglio Idro Swim Sports T-shirts 24

With sports printable t-shirts, we can offer a range of personalisation techniques:

  • Screen-printing
  • Sublimation printing (only on white 100% polyester items)
  • Embroidery
  • CAD-cut vinyl

If you’re not sure on how to create the best custom t-shirt for your sport event, do not hesitate to send your design to us and we’ll get back to you with the best, value-for-money quote based on the quantity and garment you need.

Il Miglio Idro Swim Sports T-shirts 25

Workwear: printed polo shirts

Nowadays a company’s corporate image is almost as important as the products and services they provide. For that reason we will talk about a classic workwear: printed polo shirts.

Workwear: printed polo shirts 26

Use of custom polos

Personalised polo shirts were invented for tennis and polo plays, but their use has evolved since. Today they are used as a casual garment and they have become part of the fashion industry.

Due to their resistance and comfort custom polo shirts are an essential part of work clothes. They fit in all kinds of jobs and positions, although they are quite popular among customer service staff.

Workwear: printed polo shirts 27
Workwear: printed polo shirts 28

You can choose your polo shirts from a wide rage of printable polo shirts:

  • Advertising polo shirts
  • Pique polo shirts
  • Sport polo shirts
  • Long-sleeved polo shirts
  • Two tone polo shirts
  • Organic polo shirts
  • High visibility polo shirts
  • Cotton polo shirts

Printing corporate polo shirts

If a company wants to order custom work wear they always expect good quality results. It makes no sense to choose a high quality polo if the printing method it’s not that good.

Workwear: printed polo shirts 29
Workwear: printed polo shirts 30

We recommend you three printing techniques for your work polo shirts:

  • Screen printed polo shirts
  • Digital printed polo shirts
  • Embroidered polo shirts

In these promotional polo shirts for Spade Della Forza we have used screen printing:

Workwear: printed polo shirts 31
Workwear: printed polo shirts 32
Workwear: printed polo shirts 33

We offer all sorts of polo shirts brands in our online store: Roly, Fruit of the Loom, Sol’s, Stanley / Stella, Gildan, B&C, JHK, Work Team, Clique or Kariban, among others. We will help you find the perfect work printed polo shirts for your company, shop or business! 😀

Design your own custom raincoats

It’s time to build your brand or business while staying dry during a rainy day by design your own custom raincoats! 🙂

Design your own custom raincoats 34

Printable rain jackets have evolved a lot since they were invented, back in the nineteenth century. They are no longer the rigid and uncomfortable garment that our parents forced us to take on every school trip.

Nowadays personalised waterproof jackets are made of lightweight, resistant materials. Besides that, fashion and style are also important when it comes to choose our windbreakers.

Maybe for those reasons, the Sirocco raincoat is one of our best sellers. We like because we can choose between a wide range of colours, so we recommend it to create corporate work wear garments for all types of business.

Design your own custom raincoats 35
Design your own custom raincoats 36
Design your own custom raincoats 37
Design your own custom raincoats 38

Who wears custom raincoats?

There are many kinds of outdoors jobs: tour guides, gardeners, security guards, farmers, delivery staff, janitors, construction workers … In rainy days they must be protected with a high quality and comfortable printed work apparel.

In this case, it is better to choose custom zipped raincoats. These are much easier to wear and offer better protection against rain, as they can be adjusted to suit the user.

Design your own custom raincoats 39Design your own custom raincoats 40

Usually, raincoats are also used as promotional gifts. Travel and sightseeing agencies and events such as festivals usually give them away to their clients as an advertising gift. For this use we can choose basic quality personalised raincoats, since their use will be occasional.

Make custom raincoats

Custom windbreakers jackets are made of waterproof treated nylon. Because of this, screen printing is the best custom technique we can use and expect high quality results. We use it to print logos, texts and designs like this one from the agency Menta Tours:

Design your own custom raincoats 41
Design your own custom raincoats 42
Design your own custom raincoats 43

If we look for the best value, screen printing is the ideal printing method. As an alternative, we can always make embroidered raincoats.

Do not hesitate and take a look at all the wide range of work raincoats we have in our online store. We can ship all over UK in less than 16 days! 😉

Design your own custom raincoats 44

Pros & Cons of DTG Printing

We love digital printing because it’s fast, cheap and we can get high quality printing results. But let’s talk about the pros & cons of DTG printing. 🙂

Pros & Cons of DTG Printing 45

What is digital t-shirt printing?

DTG printing consists in applying ink directly onto the garments, which are heat set using a tunnel dryer. We can print any kind of artwork, regardless of whether they are texts, illustrations, designs or photographs.

Some time ago, digital classic transfer was used to print photo t-shirts. Nowadays digital printing has taken over for its high quality and short delivery times in low or medium t-shirts orders.

Direct printed t-shirts look amazingly good. That is why they are used in music merchandising, hen party t-shirts or apparel clothing brands, among many other options.

Pros & Cons of DTG Printing 46
Pros & Cons of DTG Printing 47

Pros of DTG

  • Quick turnaround times: unlike screen printing, it is not necessary to create any screens, since the t-shirts printing is done directly.
  • No colour limitation: complex designs full of details, gradients and colours are not a problem for the Direct to Garment Printing.
  • Soft touch: forget the plastic touch on your personalised t-shirts. Digital printing leaves a soft and pleasant touch on fabric.
  • High quality: digital printed tees gives high durability results.
  • Profitable to sell: in short, medium or large orders, DTG printing is very affordable for all kinds of budgets.

Pros & Cons of DTG Printing 48

Cons of DTG

  • Colour variations: colours on DTG printed tees will never be as vibrant as they appear in the original design.
  • Only suitable for cotton apparel: we can not apply DTG on polyester, non woven or nylon garments. Digital printing only works on printable cotton clothing or with a high percentage of cotton content.
  • T-shirts, sweatshirts and bags: due to the characteristics of the digital printer, we can only custom tote bags, sweatshirts or printable t-shirts.
  • Delivery times in large orders: although in small orders it is a very fast customization technique, printing large amount of tees can lengthen turn around times.

Pros & Cons of DTG Printing 49

Take a look at our t-shirt printing website and get in touch today by sending us your design to to get your very own personalised tees!

Pros & Cons of DTG Printing 50

How to Print Trucker Caps

Caps and hat are one of the most successful advertising items of all times. Today we bring you some tips on how to print trucker caps.

How to Print Trucker Caps 51

Promotional gifts should be useful but also appealing. Nobody wants a useless promotional item. But advertising caps are always welcome, especially during hot summer days. 😛

Custom Trucker Caps

Also known as baseball caps, these custom promotional caps are well known by their breathable rear mesh on the back and their 100% polyester printable frontal panel. Specifically, these Myrtle Beach caps offer a wide range of colours to choose the one that best fits your logo or design.

How to Print Trucker Caps 52
How to Print Trucker Caps 53
How to Print Trucker Caps 54
How to Print Trucker Caps 55

Thanks to the fact that these personalised caps are colourful and eye-catching, they can also be used as a corporate gift. Combine your company logo with visor colour for an absolutely wonderful result.

Screen-printed Caps vs Embroidered Caps

When it comes to print trucker caps you have to bear in mind you target audience.

In advertising campaigns sports caps are usually printed using screen printing. Medium and large prints of personalised caps online are really cheap.

How to Print Trucker Caps 56How to Print Trucker Caps 57

We only recommend to use embroidery on custom trucker caps for brands, designers or merchandising. For a promotional gift is always better to choose screen printing.

If these printable trucker hats are not what you are looking for, you have many other options in our online caps catalogue:

  • Basic Caps
  • Snapback caps
  • Military caps
  • Wool hats
  • Santa caps
  • Fisherman piping hat
  • Tennis-style visor
  • Safari hats

Do not wait any longer to custom trucker hats with your logo! 🙂

How to Print Trucker Caps 58

Printed coloured canvas bags

Do you want your tote bags to stand out? Printed coloured canvas bags are unique and eye-catching advertising gifts.

Printed coloured canvas bags

First of all, what is a canvas bag? A printable canvas bag is nothing more than a fabric bag, either with long or short handles. It is usually made of cotton, non woven or polyester.

Although many people believe otherwise, custom fabric bags are quite cheap. For this reason they are a great investment for advertising in all kinds of events.

Printed coloured canvas bags 59
Printed coloured canvas bags 60

That is why many brands, companies, retail stores or designers choose to personalise tote bags. Visibility is guaranteed!

However, the questions that usually arise before printing promotional bags are common among many of our customers: can they be printed on both sides? Are there any colour limits? What customisation technique is better for my artwork?

Printed coloured canvas bags 61
Printed coloured canvas bags 62

In custom cotton bags we can print on both sides, but generally for a corporate gift one side printing is enough.

About the limits of printing colours, it depends completely on your design. This is what will mark what kind of technique we will use to create custom fabric bags. A simple design with one or few colours can be reproduced using screen printing, as you can see in these tote bags:

Printed coloured canvas bags 63
Printed coloured canvas bags 64

On the other hand, if you want to print pics or full colour illustrations on these cotton tote bags, we can use digital printing.

Among all the models of fabric bags available, the Beech bag offers a wide range of colours to choose from. You can choose from over 40 colours to create high quality custom canvas bags. 🙂

Printed coloured canvas bags 65

  • Size: 38×42 cm.
  • Weight: 140 g/m2
  • Quality certificate Confidence in Textiles
  • Envelope side seams prevent shrinking

At, we make it really easy to get involved with online bag printing. In our bag catalogue you’ll find all types of typical tote bags, ruck-sacks, drawstring styles all ready to be printed with your artwork, company logo or slogan.

Printed coloured canvas bags 66

All over T-shirt Printing

What is All over T-shirt Printing? Surely you have seen lots of these all over tees on the streets or in online shops; they so eye-catching and striking! We print all over the tee surface with full coloured designs, including the neck, sleeves and bottoms of the garment.

All over T-shirt Printing 67

Print full print t-shirts allows you to unleash your imagination to create all kinds of artwork. That’s the main reason why this customisation technique is widely popular among designers and apparel brands.

All over printed tees had taken the fashion industry by storm, due to its wide range of possibilities. This method isn’t just for fashion clothing; it’s also perfect for any business, band or club looking to stand out. Even for hen do parties!

All over T-shirt Printing 68
All over T-shirt Printing 69

First of all, all over sublimation can only be used on 100% polyester white t-shirts. All over inks only stick to polyester fabrics.

All over T-shirt Printing 70

There are different options available to make all over tees:

  • Cotton touch T-shirts: perfect to create personalised merchandising due to its soft and nice touch, similar to cotton.
  • Sports T-shirts: the best choice if you want to create some spectacular all over technical t-shirts for sports clubs.

All over printing technique is done on pre-made garments meaning it is inevitable that small creases and wrinkles in the clothes will lead to white marks when stretched after printing.

All over T-shirt Printing 71
All over T-shirt Printing 72

Of course, to get the maximum quality in your all over custom t-shirts it’s necessary to have a high resolution design to print on. That’s how you get t-shirts as cool as these one we made for the SCI CLUB Sappada:

So, if you are in love with original t-shirts, full print tees offer a wide range of unlimited possibilities. You can place your order from only 10 t-shirts!

All over T-shirt Printing 73