Printed Fabric Bags

Printed fabric bags are essential to gain notoriety, as you can use them on events, as packaging or as promotional gifts.

Custom tote bags are practical, cute, recyclable and ready to be personalised with your company’s logo or your personal design! This probably the reason why they become a basic of our online textile catalogue.

Plus creating personalised cotton bags is ideal for those wishing to cut back on their use of plastic bags and therefore increase your environmentally-friendly behaviour!

As you’ll see from our varied online bags catalogue, you can choose from a large selection of printable bags. However, most of our clients tend to stick to the vintage cream-coloured style because it is very trendy at the moment and highly popular in all kinds of events, festivals, parties or conferences.

We offer several printing techniques to create personalised tote bags:

  1. Screen printing: out star printing method. It gives incredible results and is very economical, especially for large runs of custom fabric bags.
  2. DTG: We recommend digital printing for small orders or for photographic/coluorful designs.
  3. Digital Transfer: ideal for cheap promotional bags where you need to print a design with many logos or colours.

Customised tote bags are the most chosen by designers, companies, bands, retail stores and all kind of events. Remember that you can order your tote bags with or without personalisation. The DIY spirit is highly popular nowadays and you’ll find thousands of tutorials in blogs or platforms such as Pinterest.

We understand that can be hard to take a decision, so if you are not sure which personalised cotton bags choose our sales team will be happy to help you and offer you a free, no-strings-attached quote.

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised bags website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Wedding favor printed bags

If you are preparing your wedding and you are still undecided about what gifts for guest choose, we are pretty sure that these wedding favor printed bags will inspire you. 😉

Luckily for everyone, wedding gifts have changed a lot and nowadays nobody wants to give away good-for-nothing stuff: so, no more useless tacky gifts!

These customised cotton wedding bags are perfect to fill with small gifts such as sweets, scented candles, a small notebook… In addition, then they can be easily reused after the wedding.

An inspiring text, the happy couple initials or a beautiful and romantic design are the most popular prints to personalise wedding bags, but of course that is up to you. 😛

These personalised fabric gifts bags have a lovely natural colour due to the untreated cotton, that makes a very nice contrast with design.

From only 10 units, you can print your wedding favor bags by screen printing. And remember: the bigger the order, the cheaper the unit will cost.

The WM size M bag, which its 30x45cm is big enough to fit many things: small gifts, some snacks, a drink, maps, survival kits… In addition, these printed cotton bags are also available in black.

We invite you to take a look at our extensive online bags catalogue to inspire you to create personalised wedding gifts. This is our humble selection:

  • Beech bag: a classic tote bag with long handles, cheap and resistant.
  • Kairo bag: Petite tote bag with short handles.
  • Holden bag: a jute bottle bag for an original and fancy gifts.

If you want to start printing bags for wedding guests, you just have to send us your design and we will take care of the rest!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised bags website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Custom mini tote bags

Today we show you a different option from our online catalogue of bags: custom mini tote bags!

These personalised fabric bags can be the perfect promotional giveaway item for a business or event, but they also work as packaging for shops or retail stores. It is always important to surprise the customer by taking care of every small detail. 😉

Printed cotton bags are resistant, beautiful and eye-catching and will not end up in disuse like most of the plastic bags.

The Kairo bag is available in different colours for you to choose the one that best matches your logo or design. In addition, these printable mini tote bags are incredibly cheap!

FYI: you will also find these mini promotional bags in an elegant and beautiful natural-coloured cotton.

We will always consider what type of design you want to print to choose a printing technique. In general, we usually use screen printing on most garments because of the many possibilities it offers and its low price.

Screen printing is suitable for logos, texts and simple designs: that means that we cannot print photos in our personalised bags with this technique, for example. Better simplify designs so they do not contain shading effects. 🙂

There are some things to consider with this printing method:

  • It can be used on various materials: cotton, polyester, blends…
  • We only use 100% phthalate-free inks.
  • All garments must be washed inside-out in cold water.
  • The minimum order is 10 items with the same design.

There are other alternatives to print bags online, such as CAD-cut vinyl or quadritrans. In case of doubt, our sales staff will help you choose the most fitting technique.

Once you choose a delivery service you will get a shipping price. You can calculate on-line on our website or you can send us an e-mail and we will gladly help you!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised bags website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised drawstring bags

A popular alternative to tote bags are personalised drawstring bags: durability and low price, all in one!

In our online catalogue of bags you can find different types of printable backpacks, made of cotton, polyester or non woven, as we show you today.

Non woven is a resistant and very light fabric, generally used in surgical or cleaning supplies because of its hygienic properties. In addition, it is incredibly economical and very useful for made promotional bags.

These custom non woven bags are very common in events, festivals or trade fairs: they are usually given to attendees with some samples, advertising flyers, discounts, maps, catalogues or even snacks inside.

Many companies, associations and social clubs are choosing to personalise non-woven bags for themselves and their customers and members as an alternative to the classic plastic bag.

The Hera bag is the cheapest model of all the printable gym sacks. Also, is available in different colors for you to choose the one that best goes with your logo or design.

Due to the type of fabric we only recommend screen printing using maximum 2 inks.

With screen printing you can reproduce simple logos or texts with spot colours. If you need a specific pantone for your customised promotional bags, you just have to tell us and our colour experts will reproduce it without any problems. 🙂

Of course, is always a good idea to choose garments according to each event, fair or congress. In general, customised gym sacks are a versatile choice for all types of companies, but you can choose between other garments:

  • Tshirts
  • Tote bags
  • Bandanas
  • Hats
  • Aprons
  • Polo shirts
  • Vests

Remember orders can be made from just 10 items. This means you can create fantastic personalised drawstring bags for all your events, gifts for wedding guests, baptism parties, film festivals or band merchandise with your design or slogan.

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised bags website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Printed Wedding Tote Bags

Small details are the key to make a completely unforgettable wedding. Personalised wedding favors must be cute, unique and practical; that’s why printed wedding tote bags are one of the most popular choice. We used DTG to personalise these eye-catching colourful bags:

DTG -Direct to Garment- is an alternative process to screen printing, that can reproduce complicated designs, even if they are photographic or have a lot of colours and shading.

We have been printing bags for weddings for years, so we are can advise our clients on which bag or custom technique to choose, just in case the happy bride and the groom are not sure of what they want for their special day.

Just check out how fancy these personalised wedding bags look thanks to DTG printing: high quality results are guaranteed.

So, what do you have to keep in mind if you want customised tote bags with digital printing?

  • It’s a slow process for large order of tote bags, so it’s best to place your order in advance.
  • DTG is great for printing pictures, so we recommend this technique to create personalised photo tote bags.
  • The minimum order is 10 items.
  • You can not print in fluorescent or metallic colours.
  • Tote bags must be of a minimum quality for optimal results.

The Beech tote bag is an excellent choice for your wedding welcome cotton bags:

These resistant natural-coloured tote bags are the cheapest cotton tote bags from our online bag catalogue.

Every wedding has its own mood and style, but in general custom canvas bags fit in all types of weddings: classic, vintage, casual, themed, minimalist, romantic, etc.

In addition, you can send printed wedding favor bags as part of the invitation with some information about the whole celebration, or as gifts with some hangover kit inside. That’s up to you!

You can buy wedding tote bags online now! All you need to do is send us your design today for your free, no-strings-attached quote. 😀

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised bags website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Custom organic tote bags

Custom organic tote bags are definitely replacing non-sustainable plastic bags everyhwere!

Reducing plastic bags usage is an excellent reason to personalise eco-friendly bags with your logo, text or design.

Organic cotton bags have many advantages, as they are cheap, washable and very resistant, so they can be reused for years. In addition, they are ethically produced with non-toxic products.

Although printed cotton bags may seem like a less affordable packaging for a store, they are cheaper than you might think. And as they are used more than once, it’s extra advertising for any brand.

Many people use personalised eco-friendly tote bags to go grocery shopping, to bring folders and books from college or simply as a comfortable wide purse, so your shop, brand or business will have great visibility.

Popular organic bags are made of 100% organic cotton. These printable eco tote bags they can hold a good amount of weight thanks to its cross stitching on handles.

Official seal labels:

  • GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Confidence in Textiles
  • BSCI: Business Social Compliance Initiative

So, to customise eco tote bags you have several printing options, always depending on your design and your budget:

  1. Screen printing: perfect for simple logos or texts. It’s a customisation technique which always gives great, high quality results at a very attractive price. Screen printed bags are totally trendy!
  2. Digital printing: direct-to-garment tote bags printing is indicated for photographic designs, with many colours, minute details or shading. Recommended for small orders.
  3. Digital transfer: an alternative method to DTG, more affordable to make custom photo bags, although it leaves a little more touch on the fabric.

Do not forget to take a look at our online bags catalogue to discover all the options we offer on personalised eco bags. It will surprise you!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised bags website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Customised fabric sachets

An original packaging is becoming more important in all kind of retail stores, gourmet shops and brands. If you’re looking for a good, nice and cheap accessory to astonish your costumers, you will love these customised fabric sachets.

Printed cotton gift bags are striking and a different detail for your brand. They are usually used as packaging, as a promotional gift or for resale.

These personalised sachets are also an ideal gift for weddings and events: you can give them to the attendants with some detail inside, like sweets, scented candles or a small notepad.

Westford Mill bags are printable cotton sachets available in 5 different sizes:

These customised sachets that we show you today are the WM S bag. We are pretty sure that these bags will fit several diapers to use in case of emergency. 🙂

We used screen printing for these vivid funny and colourful design, using 4 inks:

If you want to personalise muslin bags it’s important to keep in mind that we print each design’s colour separately, and there’s a limit of 6 spot colours per design for screen printing:

  1. For each spot colour included in your design, we must create 1 film which uses 1 screen.
  2. The sum of the film and screen per colour as well as workshop logistics and design labour is what we call the ‘Technical costs’.
  3. Each technical cost is directly related to the number of colours in a design, not the amount of garments printed.

Even knowing this, screen-printed sachets are very economical, especially if you place a large order. The more bags you order, the cheaper will be per unit.
An alternative to print fabric bags is copitrans, which allows you to reproduce photographs or designs with a wide variety of colours.

If you want to buy wedding sachets, personalized packaging or bags for events you can contact our sales team and they will advise you on everything. All you need to do is get in touch today!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised bags website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Printed cotton bags

Printed cotton bags are an essential resource in all kinds of events: they are the ideal alternative for those who are looking for a textile accessory that will fit everyone so you can forget about size stock problems.

Customised tote bags are really appreciated because of their usefulness and attractive price, that’s why so many little shops and retail stores are already replacing plastic bags for these fabric bags.

Most of the personalised cotton bags are printed in screen printing, which is a perfect technique for simple designs and logos with plain colours.

In order to print tote bags, it is necessary to have in mind that each colour of the design is printed separately, and there is a technical cost for each one, therefore the fewer colours you use, the more economic your order will be!

So, if your customised cotton tote bags are for resell as merchandising or to raise founds, the best choice is an eye-catching design with no more than 1-2 colours, this ensures you the best value for money you can get.

For example, these bags were printed as part of the personalised merchandise for the indie-folk group Taiacore, reproducing the cover of their last album. As you can see, all the fine small lines of their cover album look just perfect:

An original packaging is definitely important in all types of shops, business and brands. If you are looking for a good, nice and cheap packaging, these custom fabric bags will make your day!

These personalised cotton sachets are also perfect as a wedding gifts: you can give it to your guests with some cute present inside, like sweets, scented candles or a small notebook.

You can always take a look at out online bags catalogue to find the perfect printed bags for you:

  • Cotton tote bags
  • Non-woven bags
  • Drawstring bags
  • Shopping bags
  • Shoulder bags
  • Kit bags
  • Backpacks

In case you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch with our friendly sales staff who are looking forward to helping you make the best personalised fabric bags to promote your band, event or business.

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised bags website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised cotton rucksacks

Online magazines are becoming more and more popular these days and many also offer their own line of merchandising. This week we bring you this example of the French online magazine ‘Madmoizelle‘, who chose to create these really great personalised cotton rucksacks!

Personalised cotton rucksacks
Promotional bags

These drawstring bags are light and comfortable to wear; excellent for sightseeing or promotional events and advertising. With such an original custom design, success is guaranteed for Madmoizelle’s personalised bags.

Using the vintage-style natural colour of these backpacks: Ant Fine Cotton Drawstring bags, the client combined their 2-colour design printed with screen-printing to give this fantastic result:

Drawstring bags
Screen-printed bags

Textile screen-printing reproduces even the smallest detail as you can see here. The affordable price and amazing quality it offers is unbeatable, especially if you choose to print with just 1-2 colours.

Personalising back-packs with your company logo or design with lots of colours is also possible with CAD-cut vinyl or Digital Transfer. These two options are slightly less economic however they offer the possibility to print unlimited colours with shading.

After classic tote bags, the next favourite in our line of bags for personalising, for businesses, festivals, promotional or cultural events etc is the drawstring backpack! They’re a very useful and eye-catching merchandising tool which can be reused over and over which ensures a little extra publicity for your company or brand! 😉

Drawstring backpack
Printed drawstring bags

As well as different drawstring bags we have a range of other styles available and not to mention a variety of other articles in our online catalogues:

  • Tote bags: great for designers, bands, festivals, conferences etc.;
  • Shopping bags: ideal for businesses and supermarkets;
  • Document-holders: perfect for business give-aways or presents for employees/clients;
  • Kid’s rucksacks: for schools, institutions, academies, social clubs and associations;
  • Shoulder bags: for merchandising or own brands/clothing lines;
  • Sports bags: popular throughout the athletic world in gyms and sports clubs.

Personalised bags

We offer such a range of promotional items for personalising, it’s impossible not to find what you need at so why not take a look and send us your design for a quote today!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised bags website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised Tote Bags for Charities

Today we bring you these wonderful personalised tote bags for charities which were created through a superb collaborative work between the illustrator Supersinglemami and the NGO Kolam.

Custom tote bags, designed by Supersinglemami, sold to raise money for disadvantaged families in India.
Custom tote bags, designed by Supersinglemami, sold to raise money for disadvantaged families in India.

Raquel y Víctor se ponen en contacto conmigo con un email, explicándome el porqué de Kolam, y el porqué necesitan fondos para sus tres proyectos que actualmente están llevando a cabo en Udaipur (Rajasthan, India). A mi se me cae la baba con este tipo de personas que van, ven y actúan, no puedo hacer nada más que admirarlos por su valentía y decir sí a lo que necesiten de mi para ayudar, en este caso, ayudar a equipar un colegio de Gorana, situado en una zona rural muy pobre, este es el destino del dinero recaudado de estas totebags diseñadas por mi, con las que este verano nos vamos a la playa … Espero que os gusten y que como a mi os hagan sentir un poquito más orgullosas de vosotras mismas por el hecho de contribuir a que la vida de alguien ( y en especial de alguna madre) que no conoces de nada, pero que no tiene tanta suerte como tu, mejore … Podéis colaborar comprando la totebag en la tienda de @Ong_kolam Feliz día suertudas! #ONG_kolam #supersinglemami #totebag

Una foto publicada por supersinglemami (@supersinglemami) el

The charity organisation Kolam was established in 2015 and has since produced 3 marvellous projects in India:

  • Slums in Udaipur: an adoption project that includes educating children in difficult economic situations or in distress along with a continuous review and family support.
  • Planting the future: educating and training people in farming as well as bring in the tools necessary to grow crops in two villages of extreme poverty: Khardi and Parevi.
  • Friends of Gorana school: an official school with 10 qualified teachers and 235 students fighting for their future to help bring their generation out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

It’s this last project that will receive the funds collected by these excellently designed charity tote bags. We know that cotton tote bags are great for many reasons; they’re practical, comfortable and recyclable but on top of that if they’re for charity, what could really be better?

Designed charity tote bags

In order to print multicoloured designs on to garments or any design with many colours or shading, we offer quadritrans, our excellent classic textile transfer service.

Why is Quadritrans so excellent, you ask?

Well, first it allows us to print photos and designs with no colour limits meaning we can print just about any image! Also, it’s very resistant and durable as well as being less obvious to the touch than other personalisation techniques, such as CAD-cut vinyl.

Custom tote bags

The bag chosen for this order was the Joytex Riad model:

  • 100% cotton
  • Natural beige colour but also with other colours available
  • 140gr/m2
  • With two long straps (30cm approx.) for carrying on the shoulder
  • With a Confidence in textiles certificate which assures that no toxic substances or harmful colourants have been used in the manufacturing to ensure the safety and security of our environment and of our skin.

¡Cárgate de solidaridad como @mamisandkids! ¡Muchas gracias! #kolamOng #totebag #solidaridad #india

Una foto publicada por Kolam (@ong_kolam) el

We’d like to take the chance here at to wish the NGO Kolam and it’s collaborators all the luck in the world with their projects helping people in need to improve their circumstances and change things for the better !

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised bags website or call us on: 0203 695 2122