Embroidered hats for uniforms

This month, with the cold winds bearing down, we’ve been hard at work producing these embroidered hats for uniforms – perfect for working outdoors or for manual labourers!

Embroidered beanies

Every profession has it’s advantages and distinct working conditions and it’s really important that each company knows well what their employees need and adapts their personalised uniforms correctly!

These embroidered beanie hats are a fantastic, practical product for personalising, chosen especially by the Portuguese cork company MASilva Portugal for their workers. We produced 500 beanies with their logo and company name and slogan embroidered onto the front and back.

Embroidered hats uniforms
Hats for personalising

Just as with all our personalised clothing orders, we sent the client a DAP (digital artwork proof) before beginning in order to confirm the design, sizes, location and colour:

Embroidered beanies companys

This time around, our client chose the MB Beanie with contrasting colour model which is a tight-fitting knitted cap without brim, made of 100% polyacrylic. This model is available in a wide range of contrasting colours which is great for combining colours with the design and adapting to your company logo !

MB beanie

  • MB Beanie with contrasting colour
  • 100% polyacrylic knitted hats
  • No brim
  • One size fits all

But if beanies aren’t your style or your company prefers something a little different, not only do we have a large range of hats for personalising in our online hats & caps catalogue but we’ve also got other catalogues online where you can see a variety of clothing for customising such as:

Personalised beanies

Take a look online at all the different products available to personalise and if you need any help or extra information, get in touch via e-mail or phone and our sales team will be delighted to inform you.

With these types of hats, the best and most professional way to personalise them is with embroidery. As you can see, embroidery is by far the best choice here due to it’s high quality, the ability to customise with such small details and the long-lasting results !

Embroidered beanie hats

But don’t forget we also offer an ample range of customisation methods too, in order to be able to best adapt the technique to your needs, including: DTG, traditional screen-printing, digital transfers and classic transfers, CAD-cut vinyl and sublimation printing.

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised caps website tshirts-uk.com or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Custom hoodies

Are you thinking about making your own clothing line or producing a brand with custom hoodies or other personalised garments ? Well you’ve come to the right place! Today we bring you one of our excellent examples of printed hooded sweatshirts whilst offering a bit of advice about how to go about placing your order, the process etc.

Custom hoodies

These customised hoodies were made as part of a clothing line for the Hideout Surf Shop in the Algarve.

The first thing to think about is who do you want to sell to ? It’s very important to know your target audience ! In this case, the surf shop opted for hooded sweaters, personalised T-shirts and caps for personalising as some of their customers’ favourites!

Printed t-shirts

On other occasions our clients have chosen bags for printing, towels and neckwarmers for merchandising. On our site, you can find such a wide range of items for personalising that at first you may be a bit at a loss but do not fret! Focus on the needs of your customers and you’ll find what you’re looking for in no time in our online clothing catalogue.

Customised ladies tees

Personalised hoodies are a great choice as they’re so versatile, available for all shapes and sizes, comfortable and great for completing an outfit! Although our client chose grey hoodies for their order, in our online sweater catalogue you can find a wide range of styles, colours and sizes.

Personalised hoodies
Custom hoodies screen-printing

The customising technique we use depends on your design as well as the type of garment and quantity you require. In this case, we created these great summer-y hoodies with 6-colour screen-printing; one of the best and long-lasting personalisation methods available. As you can see, the final results were fantastic:

Customised hoodies
Screen-printed hoodies

Using screen-printing does however have 1 disadvantage which is that it cannot produce shading or more than 6-colours on T-shirts and upto 4 on different accessories.

TIP: If you plan well you can make good use of the T-shirt colour to add an extra colour to your designs, which not only looks really fab but also saves you money!

Personalised tees

We always send a DAP (digital artwork proof) to our clients before printing in order to confirm the layout, colours and measurements of the design.

Finally, sometimes when choosing different products to print, you may come across limitations, such as the amount of colours that can be used in screen-printing. For example, this customer chose to include trucker-style caps in his range but we can only print upto 3 spot colours on caps therefore we try to offer alternatives.

In this case, the client chose to use the MB Mesh cap which is 100% polyester and therefore we were able to employ sublimation printing on the front as demostrated in the DAP:

Caps for personalising

This personalisation technique allows for full colour, indeleble printing – ideal for sports clothes, designers and any high quality brand!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised hoodies website tshirts-uk.com or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised caps for schools

With summer just starting, the kids are getting ready for those long holidays and the orders for those end-of-school celebratory personalised clothing are flying in. These personalised caps for schools is one of many likewise orders placed this summer, this one specifically for a Portuguese parents’ association.

Personalised caps

Although, a few years back, using customised hats was mainly for advertising and promotional events, due to the growing quality of not only the hats themselves but also printing methods, the demand has increased significantly and now these printed textile accessories are much more versatile.

In our very own printing workshop, we’ve created personalised hats for sports clubs, bands, events, festivals, associations, summer camps, fan clubs and even for work and school uniforms. There are hundreds of possibilities…

Economic caps
Caps for customising

Printed caps

We’ve got far more on offer than just these basic caps for customising. Take a look at our online hats and caps catalogue and you’ll find all kinds:

  • Trucker or mesh caps
  • Fisherman hats
  • Visers
  • Sunhats
  • Beanies

For printing hats in 1 colour or for simple logos or texts, we use screen-printing but we can also offer CAD-cut vinyl for more colourful designs or personalising via embroidery.

Screen printing
Screen printed caps

TIP: To get the best value-for-money, we highly recommend choosing a 1 or 2-colour design which can be reproduced in screen-printing for top quality, affordable customised caps.

As well as great promotional giveaways, personalised caps are a classic accessory for school trips, sporting competitions and festivals. Not to mention a great souvenir for all !

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised caps website tshirts-uk.com or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Embroided Caps for sportswear

First week of March and slowly moving into Spring; time to celebrate any moment the sun comes out and what better way than with these fine embroided caps for sportswear we produced for Gold Sports, a streetwear brand from Nottingham inspired by 90s era sportwear.

Embroided caps
Emdroided caps for sportwear

The traditional monochromatic design is a theme throughout their catalogue and we’re really pleased to have added to their range with these customised caps with embroidery. They chose to embroider their logo in black thread on the black background for a simple yet effective result:

Personalised hats
Customised caps embroidery

Often we praise designers for their complex or colourful designs and we forget that sometimes less is more! Such as it is with these personalised hats.

Gold Sport Stripe tee available now link in bio 🌴

Una foto publicada por Gold Sport (@goldsport_) el

@mattgordon0211 for @goldsport_ 🇬🇧

Una foto publicada por Gold Sport (@goldsport_) el

The model chosen for this order, the Kariban Racing cap, is a premium quality two-coloured cap with 6 panels and various contrasting colours available.

Kariban racing cap

Available for embroidery only, due to the 6 panels leaving a seam in the middle of the forehead area, which means we cannot print using other techniques.

Two coloured cap

This said however, we have a range of other styles in our online caps and hats catalogue where you’re sure to find a model that best suits your needs:

  • Classic caps with velcro, buckle or plastic fasteners;
  • Sunhats;
  • Wooly hats and beanies;
  • Fedoras and other fashionable types;
  • Visors;
  • Hats for fishing, outdoor adventures, chefs’ hats and even santa hats!

Within this wide variety, you’re bound to see one for you and your printed hat order! Depending on the kind you choose, we can print using screen-printing in up to 3-colours, digital transfer (copitrans), CAD-cut vinyl and embroidery!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised caps website tshirts-uk.com or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Embroided caps

At tshirts-uk.com, we’re not only interested in personalised t-shirts! We love all kinds of textile personalisation and all types of garments and offering so many different customising techniques allows us to cover just about any order the customer needs. One of the most classical products we offer is embroided caps.

Embroidered caps

On our site, we’ve many models and brands to choose from. Within the Sols’ range of caps, you’ll find various models which can suit any business’ needs: there are contrasting coloured caps, basic ones, mesh caps or classic styles like this Long Beach cap example:

  • 100% heavy brushed cotton
  • 5 panels with preformed sandwich peak
  • Adjustable back fastening with metal buckle
  • Large area for customising

Perfect for all occasions!

Sols long beach cap

Promotional caps

There are many ways to personalise hats, it all just depends on the design and the effect you’re going for! You could use screen-printing, digital transfer, CAD-cut vinyl or as this client chose to do, embroidery.

Why choose embroidery, you ask? Well, because it’s a high quality technique which always produces great results and not only does it last practically forever, it also brings that extra touch of class to your personalised clothing.

We often recommend choosing medium-high quality garments with a medium-heavy weight and embroiding in 1 to 3 colours. As you can see here, it’s a fantastic method for creating sports or business uniforms.

Embrodery caps
Personalised caps

Not only does having personalised work wear add a certain elegance to a business, it also brings together the staff who can all feel part of a team, proudly wearing their customised uniforms.

And to add to your uniforms we have a wide range of garments available for personalisation in a variety of techniques and styles:

  • Polo shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Shirts
  • Bandanas
  • Security vests and bodywarmers
  • Aprons
  • Trousers

Remember, not only do we offer personalised hats as part of a business’ uniform but we also provide more affordable options for giveaways and promotional items, perfect for festivals, conferences or trade fairs. Just take a look at our online caps and hats catalogue and choose the style for you… we’ll take care of the rest!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website tshirts-uk.com or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised hats galore!

In our hats and caps catalogue, we’ve a multitude of different styles of hats to personalise for whatever event or occasion you may have.

First up, you’ve got the classic cotton cap in a variety of colours with a velcro fitting system which can be used for sporting events, business giveaways, children’s camps… etc.

Promotional cap

We recommend personalising these hats with 1-colour screen-printing as the simplicity always surprises! Take a look at this great design, just using white paint on a black background but the detail gives a fabulous result:

Personalised caps
Screenprinted caps

Next up on the list is the skater style mesh caps in different styles. You can choose from a wide range of contrasting or plain colours.

Some of our favourites include the following:

  • MB Mesh: 5 panel mesh cap in a range of colours, 100% polyester with 6 stiching lines of the peak and adjustable plastic fastener, also available for kids
  • Sols Bull Mesh: 5 panel mesh cap with contrasting white front, 100% polyester with perforated plastic tab fastener.

Now on to the more exotic styles of headgear!

One of our recent beauties is the personalised viser making a come back for this summer, due to being ideal for outdoor events, sports days, club excursions or day trips.

An Italian Tennis club chose these visers for a summer tournament and the result was fantastic. 1-colour screen-printing perfect for slogans or small logos.
Personalised visier
Screenprinted visiere

Another original cap we’ve personalised is the MB Chef hat. A high quality trendy cap perfect for sailors, nautical clubs, etc. Take a look at our web developer in it!

Personalise your own hat
Personalised hats

So if you don’t see what you like here, why not take a look at these other great options which are great for parties, hen-nights, stag-dos, promotional items etc. and don’t be afraid to give us a call or send an e-mail for a quote.

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website tshirts-uk.com or call us on: 0203 695 2122

New Arrival! Personalised Hats

These fantastic newly arrived fedora style hats for personalising are the perfect addition to parties or events this summer. They add a touch of style to any festival and are an economic, attention-grabbing option for large promotions!

The MK Likos hat will easily protect you from the sun whilst remaining classic and stylish:
Mk likos hat
Available in a range of fun colours for you to personalise with your logo, design or slogan!

When it comes to personalising hats, we have the option of 1-colour Screen-printing which gives a fantastic result as you can see from our marketing department’s modelling skills:

Hats for personalising
Personalised hats
Printed hats

We can also print colourful images and designs with CAD-cut vinyl which has a fantastic colour-reliability.

Why do we recommend personalised hats?

  • Fantastic addition to festivals, concerts and street parties
  • For bands and other entertainers
  • Hen nights and stag dos
  • Even as part of a uniform for events

Hats for hen nights
Hats for festivals
Hats for events

And if this hat doesn’t quite fit the bill, there’s always a range of other styles in our caps and hats catalogue, where you can find all types of hats from Safari gear to Santa’s hats!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website tshirts-uk.com or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Printed Hats and Caps

Printed hats are one of the best promotional products around! Although personalised T-shirts will always be the star of our catalogue, bags, polos, sweatshirts and hats are also really popular.

Customised hats for events, trade fairs and promotions are a great advertising tool. They’re really useful to get your brand noticed and keep your company logo and colours in the public eye, as well as helping to spot your staff in a crowded conference etc.

Also as hats are great for protection from the sun, they can be used in outdoor events throughout the seasons!

Printed caps

Today’s example of screen-printed caps is the CAM Classic model printed for Huawei.
Promotional cap
This basic hat, of 100% cotton, is perfect for large promotional events, advertising, business giveaways etc. It’s available in 6 different colours: 4 vivid colours plus the classic black or white which never fails.

These custom hats have each been created using classic 2-colour screen-printing. In our workshop we have a special machine, smaller than the rest, designed for printing onto hats and caps.

They are printed one by one with a squeedee and mesh frame technique:


And the final result is fantastic:

Personalised caps
Customised caps

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website tshirts-uk.com or call us on: 0203 695 2122