Personalised organic tees

Today is all about personalised organic tees! Premium organic brand Stanley/Stella offers a full varied range of ethically made clothing, perfect for designers, bands, VIP events or clothing brands.

Shifty Board Shop (located in Dijon, France) is a store specialised in high-quality skate products, including cool printed eco-friendly t-shirts with some amazing designs.

Nowadays, Stanley/Stella sustainable fair trade tees are our favourite choice. You will be surprised by the soft touch and the high quality details of every one of their garments. A winning pick for everyone!

Due to their high quality clothes, Stanley/Stella offers a great selection of T-shirts, sweatshirts and other organic garments for personalising, especially for designers and creating your brand of clothing. These items are a fantastic choice for workwear or merchandise too, because they’re long-lasting and really fashionable.

These ethical custom t-shirts were printed in screen printing, using just 1 ink.

Screen-printing is especially great for 1 or 2-colour artwork but can print up to 6 colours on white or coloured tees. However the colours must be spot-colours without shading. In other case, we suggest you to use digital printing.

As you can see, even the smallest details look just fantastic on printed organic cotton tees:

For all those budding designers, we have a few tips for customised sustainable clothing:

  • If you want to print fair trade tees and sweaters with the same design, you can save the technical costs by maintaining the printing size on all garments and using the same screens!
  • Also, we have such a wide range of articles available, that if you wish to find some original garments to personalise, you just need to take a look at our online textile catalogue.
  • Finally, we can also offer extra services which are ideal for designers such as customised labels with polyamide labels or screen-printed ones, or for the final touch you can choose to have the t-shirts individually packaged with transparent plastic bags.

In case of any doubt, our sales team is at your disposal to advise you on the choice of the t-shirt, the printing technique or the personalised labels. Just give us a call today!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

4-colour screen-printed tees

This week we bring you a fantastic example of 4-colour screen-printed tees ordered from the ‘université de Lorraine’ in France, specifically from their professional training college for Open Day. The college offers degrees in IT, commerce and business management but they’ve definately got a creative side as demonstrated in their original printed Tees:

4-colour screen-printed t-shirts
Personalised t-shirts

Often when a design uses various colours we have to see the file before sending a quote in order to advise our clients on the best textile printing method. If you’re not sure on how to print your design, feel free to send it to us via e-mail and our sales assistants will be happy to advise you on which technique would be apt considering the size of the order, the garments requested and the design itself.

In this case, the designs use 4 spot colours so our client was able to take advantage of the great prices we offer in screen-printing. This technique allows for not only a fantastic result with value-for-money printing but also offers long-lasting wash resistant clothing.

T-shirts screen-printing

Tip: Although screen-printing with 4-colours on large orders comes at a very reasonable price, it can be slightly more expensive for small orders due to the calculation method:

  • For each spot colour included in your design, we must create 1 film which uses 1 screen.
  • The sum of the film and screen per colour as well as workshop logistics and design labour is what we call the ‘Technical costs’.
  • Each technical cost is fixed at £30 and is directly related to the number of colours in a design, not the amount of garments printed.

Therefore if you choose to place a small order, you may find another of our personalisation techniques more beneficial to your budget or also by reducing the colours you can economise.

Note: There is a limit of 6 spot colours per design for screen-printing.

Printed t-shirts
T-shirts for personalising

Another of our favourites: the Sols Regent T-shirt was the model chosen for this order. This model is one of our preferred T-shirts for personalising due to several of it’s features:

  • Available for men, women and children;
  • More than 40 different colours available;
  • Value-for-money medium range tee;
  • Tubular construction in adult version which allows for side printing;

Sols regent tshirt

This client chose to use these incredible designs to produce custom t-shirts for their Open Day but there are many other reasons people choose to create their personalised clothing!

Financing an end-of-year trip or excursion, for reunions, conferences, clothing lines, even festivals and parties. So why not take a look at our online t-shirt catalogue to find a model thats suits you for your personalised order and get in touch today to get started!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122