Full printed neck tubes

We believe in be prepared for the cold, even if it’s not winter yet. Full printed neck tubes are a great addition to your wardrobe if you are going to spend many hours outdoors.

Despite being known as neck tubes the truth is that not only serve to carry the neck. These custom tubular bandanas are multi-use, so you can wear them in different ways: as a foulard, hair band, diadem, scarf, balaclava, pirate cap, wristband… A lot of combinations!

Highly popular among motorcycle clubs or hikers, personalised neck warmers are very fashionable as a promotional gift from travel agencies, clubs, scouts, parties, festivals or associations.

The fabric of these printable neck tubes is 100% polyester, very soft, lightweight and breathable.

In many cases we can print the design using traditional screen-printing. However, the maximum impression area is approximately 20cm wide x 30cm tall and we are restricted by the seams. That is why when it comes to printing all-over neckwear accessories we also offer this Full-print option to create a tile pattern with your design as seen in this example.

  • All over printing can reproduce any design in full colour: logos, photographs or illustrations.
  • It’s ideal to create a tile pattern all over the garment surface.
  • The printing is totally indelible and impossible to detect by touch.
  • The fabric stays 100% breathable.

If you want to customise neck tubes you must keep in mind that the colour fidelity is approximately 85%, so the final result will never be as bright as in the original design.

We advise taking a look at our online neck warmer catalogue where you can find all the models we offer, including fleece neck warmers.

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