Il Miglio Idro Swim Sports T-shirts

If you are into swimming challenges, you can not miss this event that take place in Idro lake: a spectacular opportunity to enjoy one of the most spectacular and breathtaking italian pre-alpine lakes. Also, let us show you these vibrant Il Miglio Idro Swim Sports T-shirts we did for all the competitors. 🙂

Sports T-shirts

Sports T-shirts for everyone!

It is the second time that we collaborated with Il Miglio Idro Swim to make personalised sports t-shirts for the event, which are part of a welcome pack given at the event registration.

Il Miglio Idro Swim challenge is for everyone: children and adults, amateur or expert swimmers. It is not a real competition though, since it is more about enjoying the scenic nature. You can choose between two distances: one marine mile or half a mile . 🙂

Sports T-shirts
Sports T-shirts

Printed sports shirts are normally used as a give away to every participant. After the event everyone can take home their tee as a souvenir and wear it to work out, so it also works as an advertising item.

For this year’s custom sports t-shirts, our client chose to print their design on the front and back of polyester t-shirts with 5-colour screen-printing on the front, 1 colour on the back and 1 colour on the sleeve print.

Il Miglio Idro Swim Sports T-shirts 1
Il Miglio Idro Swim Sports T-shirts 2

Screen-printing is the most popular printing method, that allows for a long-lasting and durable print on all types of garments.

With the possibility of printing up to 6 spot colours in a 30x30cm space, it is by far the best value-for-money textile printing technique on the market!

Il Miglio Idro Swim Sports T-shirts 3

With sports printable t-shirts, we can offer a range of personalisation techniques:

  • Screen-printing
  • Sublimation printing (only on white 100% polyester items)
  • Embroidery
  • CAD-cut vinyl

If you’re not sure on how to create the best custom t-shirt for your sport event, do not hesitate to send your design to us and we’ll get back to you with the best, value-for-money quote based on the quantity and garment you need.

Il Miglio Idro Swim Sports T-shirts 4