Metallic Inks on T-shirts

Getting metallic inks on t-shirts is easy with screen printing. In our Teefactory workshop it’s one of the most popular options!

Metallic inks on t-shirts

How do we get a metallic gold print on t-shirts?

We only use high quality plastisol inks in our screen printing process. Metallic inks are formulated with small metal flakes in their composition that result in that silver and gold effect. And the quality and durability is exactly the same.

Metallic screen printing inks are unquestionably striking, especially if combined with a dark coloured t-shirt.

The value-for-money is still spectacular, but we must bear in mind that print with metallic inks will always increase our printing budget.

Metallic inks on tshirts
Metallic Inks on T-shirts 1

Customising metallic inks on t-shirts

If you are looking for an original ink for your merch, promotional or corporate t-shirts, gold ink is always an option to consider.

As its price is quite affordable, it is used for bands t-shirts, but also for companies, clubs, events or festivals tees. In addition, it can be combined with other normal inks or even with another printing technique for an even more exclusive result.

Gold metallic ink can be used in all types of garments: t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, bags and many more.

Metallic Inks on T-shirts 2
Metallic Inks on T-shirts 3

Original t-shirts that don’t go unnoticed

Although classic t-shirts are always a safe option, choosing a different garment can make a difference. As for example, these V-neck t-shirts:

V-neck tees are quite popular nowadays, especially among men’s fashion.

You just have to choose a garment from our online catalogue to start your customised tees. Don’t forget to use our useful filters to find the perfect colour, cut, brand or price that you’re looking for.

Metallic Inks on T-shirts 4
Metallic Inks on T-shirts 5