Personalised sportswear

This week, as it’s just time to start the countdown to summer and get back into shape, we’ve prepared for you a little post about personalised sportswear.

At, why not take a look at our sportswear catalogue where you can find a wide range of colourful items for all your sports needs!

Here you can find some of our favourite items such as the very popular Roly Montecarlo:
Roly montecarlo t-shirt

Another of our favourite sports items for personalising is the Cam Sport Tec 33:
Sport-tshirt tec 33

And finally don’t forget the wide range of sports kits that we offer which you can use to create a real team atmosphere in any amateur or professional sports club:
Personalised tracksuits

These personalised tracksuits make a great addition to any team of football, basketball, rugby, cricket etc.

The great thing about our various sports garments is the many different ways we can print your logos:

  • CAD-cut vinyl for numbering or adding names, surnames or nicknames
  • Sublimation printing for designs of various colours whilst maintaining the breathable quality of 100% polyester items
  • Screen-printing for your club logo or sports event advertising

Cad-cud vinyl
Cad-cud vinyl

Sublimation printing
Sublimation printing


So why not give us a call today as summer’s on it’s way!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Classic transfer personalisation

This week we wanted to show you some of our favourite examples of classic transfer personalisation. Within our range of various personalisation techniques, classic transfer, although being rare, is a very useful method of customising clothing.

Here are just some of it’s many advantages:

  • Affordable prices for large orders: see price list
  • With no colour limitations!
  • It’s possible to heat press your design on to all types of fabrics
  • High resistance to washing
  • Very good results – with photographic quality!

We can print your customised t-shirts with as many colours as you like. Just take a look at these fantastic examples:

Classic transfer personalisation
Classic transfer
Transfer t-shirts

Also, there’s no limit to the detail you can include in your design:

Customised tshirts
No colour limitation tshirt

This image would have been very costly or practically impossible to reproduce using other techniques, but with classic transfer we were able to make 500 t-shirts for this order of comic-style designed T-shirts in Cadiz, Spain.

This personalisation method uses a heat press to iron the images onto garments, similar to CAD-cut vinyl but with a better final result as it’s not so obvious to the touch and with a less plastic feel.

Also, more difficult garments are no match for this technique as we’re able to print onto caps, jackets, bags etc.

Personalised bag

The minimum order for transfer orders is 100 garments with the same design.
The delivery time is also slightly increased to between 15-21 days due to the workload.

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised Full Print T-shirts

This week we wanted to show you one of our newest techniques in all it’s glory: personalised full print t-shirts. Using this technique we’re able to print your designs, photos or logos all over the t-shirt on the front and back!

At, we offer two possibilities:

1. Pre-made garment full print

The first option is pre-made garment fullprint which refers to sublimation printing on the whole of the surface on ready made white, 100% polyester t-shirts.

Personalised full print t-shirt

One advantage of this personalisation method is that we’re not limited by the colour, hem, sleeves or any other seams, we simply print on them too.

Personalised full print t-shirts
Fullprint t-shirts UK

For this technique, we offer two different styles:

  • One of our favourite sports T-shirts: the Roly Montecarlo is ideal for sports events, races etc.
  • And perfect for designers’ t-shirts is the Roly Sublima with a cotton-feel.

However, one disadvantage to be taken into consideration, is that although we always take the best care in printing your t-shirts, there may be small white marks left which could hinder slightly the continuity of the design in certain areas of the t-shirt. For example in the armpit or shoulder regions or on the sides where the front meets the back of the t-shirt creases can occur.

Personalised all-over t-shirts

One way to avoid these imperfections is to choose a design which has a white background.

2. Made-to-order t-shirts

The second option we offer is printing your design on the fabric before creating the T-shirts.

Made-to-order full print t-shirts

This technique gives us the ability to create fantastic new t-shirts with no colour limit and no white creases within the design! Just as it sounds, we print the design on separate articles and then sew them together! This technique is our most costly but we get to have our very own made-to-order tshirts!

Custom tshirts full-print
Personalised all-over t-shirt
Full print UK

The only problem here is that this technique is not ideal for complicated designs as upon sewing the fabric together, the design will not line up correctly at the seams.

Heres the science bit!

The polyester material allows us to produce customised t-shirts which absorb the ink through a heating process making the impression indeleble and ever-lasting!

Full print tees
Custom t-shirts UK

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call now to ask about Full Print orders.

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised softshells

This week, we’ve decided to bring to you one of our more up-market products: personalised softshell jackets and vests.

First things first, what is softshell?
Softshell is a type of material which is used to make technical clothing for outdoor use, sports jackets and vests for example. It is a flexible, durable cloth first used in mountaineering gear due to it’s unique characteristics; not only is it somewhat waterproof and windproof but it’s a breathable material which is perfect for a changeable climate.

Despite the advantages this material has in the great outdoors, it’s also getting very popular on the urban scene, which means it’s a fantastic opportunity to create some great personalised jackets or vests.

We offer two of the best services for customising softshells which are either screen-printing or embroidery:

Embroided softshell jackets
Embroided softshell jackets

Embroidered soft shells
Personalised soft shell
Embroidered soft shells

At you will find a large range of different soft shell products including jackets and bodywarmers to personalise with your company logo or outdoor event. Just take a look at our softshell catalogue.

Take a look at some of our favourite models:
Sols replay softshell
Sols rapid softshell
Roly antartida softhsell
Roxy relax sols softshells
Race Soft shell
Sols rallye softshell vest

As you can see, these are some very high quality products available at good prices for all your personalising needs.
Available in models for men, women and kids, in various different colours with different characteristics such as chest pockets, hoods, sleeveless softshell vests and contrasting colours in the details.

We look forward to assisting you with your personalised softshell order.

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Screen-printing advice

Today we’ve prepared for you some screen-printing advice!

Screen-printing is the go-to personalisation technique for creating all kinds of customised t-shirts, for advertising, designers, clubs etc. It’s quick, high quality and long-lasting!

Number of colours

Screen-printing is a personalisation method which is separated by colour and printed one at a time. We can print up to 8 different colours on white clothing and 6 on colour. Due to the technique of dividing the colours, it’s necessary to create a film and screen for each colour. Therefore the more colours, the higher the technical costs.

Tip: When possible, we’ll recommend reducing designs to 1 or 2 colours for your screen-printed T-shirts.


Spot colours

This method allows us to reproduce logos, texts and designs with spot colours giving spectacular results but it’s not the right technique for complex, multi-coloured designs.

Tip: If your design has shading or different tones of a certain colour, we can still produce a similar effect with our screen-printing with shading service. Whilst, if the design is more complex or contains photos, we’ve many other techniques to use such as DTG digital printing, sublimation or CAD-cut vinyl.

Shading effect
Shading effect

Digital printing
Digital printing

Quality of the file

Although our designers always retouch the designs in order for them to be as perfect as possible when printed, the final result does depend majorly on the quality of the file you send us.

Tip: Send us your design in the best possible format you can: either vector, jpeg at actual size, tiff or psd at 300dpi.

Personalised tees


Textile screen-printing is a quick personalisation system but that doesn’t stop it being a challenging traditional craft. On we offer various turnaround times depending on the level of urgency: Normal service, Fast service and Express service.

Tip: If you choose the normal service and your order surpasses £250, we’ll send you your order completely free of delivery charges!

Online personalised t-shirts


Another fantastic thing about screen-printing is the long-lasting effect it has against time passing and washing. Your personalised clothing really will last a lifetime! This makes it the perfect system for uniforms, work wear, sports gear etc.

Tip: In spite of this fact, we always recommend washing your customised clothes inside out, in warm water and to avoid ironing directly onto the printed area, just to make sure they last extra long and keep that first-day feeling!

Personalised t-shirt label

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

CAD-cut vinyl UK

When we say CAD-cut Vinyl, we’re referring to a thermo-adhesive laminate sheet, which we use to print your designs, cutting them down to size and finally ironing them to your garments with a heat-press. At, we distinguish between two different types, basically the cut type and the print and cut type.

Let us explain a little more clearly what that means for you when creating your personalised t-shirts, sweaters, hats, bags etc.

CAD-cut vinyl Uk

Looking through our CAD-cut vinyl catalogue, we realised sometimes it can be a bit confusing deciding what type of vinyl is right for you when designing your own t-shirts! So we’ve decided to help you understand a little better the differences:

1. The Cut type:

This is the simplest of the two types, using our vinyl cutters to cut out your design in just one colour and with little to no details:
Cad-cut vinyl cutter
Cad-cut vinyls
Cad-cut textile vinyl

There are a variety of cut type vinyls which have different results such as the typical matt vinyl, holographic, fluorescent, metallic, flock, high-vis, frosted and translucent which gives you a large variety of possible effects to choose from.

2.The Print and Cut type:

This type allows us to print designs with a multitude of colours, as many as necessary as there’s no limit. This method permits the printing of photos, designs with shading or simply colourful logos at a set price. The design is printed onto the sheets of laminate which we then cut with the CAD machines and heat press onto your customised polos, sweatshirts, t-shirts etc.
T-shirt vinyl
Cat-cut vinyl Uk

Within this type, there are two ‘sub-headings’ which are: the simple cut and the detailed cut. Let us explain that a little further…

2.1 Simple print and cut vinyl:

We cut around the outline of your design leaving a shaped border which can either have the approximate colour of the T-shirt or simply the colour of the design. Take a look at these examples to get a better idea:
Cat cut vinyl printing
Cad-cut vinyl
Personalised cap vinyl
Vinyl tshirt printing

This system is perfect for advertising agencies, publicity clothing, promotions, events, workwear etc.

2.2 Detailed print and cut vinyl:

If you’re looking for a more precise result, we offer the detailed cut, which cuts to the line. This technique is a tad less economic due to the work involved. Great for designers looking to customise garments with their artwork.
Customised t-shirts

For value-for-money personalised clothing with multi-coloured designs, we often recommend vinyl due to the possibilities of reproducing images with shading and photographic quality at a reasonable price.

If you don’t want to simplify your design, remove shading or reduce it to spot colours for screen-printing, this is a useful, economic tool.

Remember you can always combine the different personalisation techniques to create your customised clothing!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised Varsity Jackets

They come and they go but they pass the test of time: Varsity Jackets are easily one of the most fashionable items that we have available for personalising. Call them how you will: University jackets, Varsity sweaters, Baseball jumpers… has the right one for you!

Varsity jackets

The main characteristic of these university sweatshirts is their two-tone colour scheme, varying between white, black or grey with a mix of other colours. The sleeves, pockets, hem line, buttons, collar and cuffs are contrasted, either fully or striped. We love this jumper simply for it’s classic and yet modern style.

Varsity sweaters

Fantastic items for all university societies, sports teams, other clubs and associations etc plus they’re super popular in the music scene.

We strongly recommend embroidery as the best technique for this type of jacket, just have a look at the amazing result it has:

Embroidered varsity jackets
Embroidered jackets UK

There’s even a Kids version:
Varsity jackets kids

1-colour screen-printing, embroidery or CAD-cut vinyl often gives such a great result, there really is no need for complicated designs, especially with a jumper which contrasts like this one. Each deliver a different result to help you find the best look for your personalised jackets.

Printed jakets
Personalised varsity jumpers

So what’s stopping you, give us a call for your quote today!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised labels

Not only do we offer fantastic personalised t-shirts for publicity purposes, but we also have a few services which are very interesting to t-shirt designers and shops who want to create their own line. Today we’ve decided to tell you a little about our service for customising labels.

We have two possibilities for printing your labels:

1. Personalised labels: sew in labels

You can choose to either change the current label for another white polyamide ribbon which we can print and sew onto the garments like these:
Personalised label tshirt
Personalised tee label
T-shirts for designers
Personalised labels

We can print fantastic 1-colour black logos, designs or slogans onto white, washable labels which we then sew into the clothes your order after removing the original.

With these labels, we often print on the front part your logo, website and size of the item and on the back the washing instructions, composition of T-shirts etc. But it’s entirely your choice! The only obligatory information is the size!

2. Personalised labels: screen-printed labels

Or the second option is to take out the original label and print your logo and web, sizes, etc. with screen-printing directly onto the inside collar, take a look at these examples:
Screen printed labels
Personalised t-shirt label
Label printing
Screenprinting labels

This is a great option for T-shirt designers who don’t want to have their labels cut out!
And another very positive aspect of this service is that we offer label printing from just 10 items!

Remember: We’ll always send you a Digital Artwork Proof before printing which will help you to visualise the printing and we can make any modifications you need to the colour or sizing before creating the films and sending the order to our workshop.

Just a few pointers to take into consideration when placing your order:

  • We do not accept clothing from the client. We use only our suppliers’ clothing.
  • Labels not sold separately.
  • And of course, we will only print registered brands to their legitime owners! Please therefore, do not ask to print Nike, Zara, Adidas, Lacoste, etc.
  • We can only change the labels from items of plain weave fabric with normal rib necklines.
  • This service may require additional delivery time, up to 1 week extra for large orders.

Personalised printed labels is a fantastic addition to create your own brand of clothing. Why not give it a try?

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Embroidery UK

Embroidery is one of the best techniques we offer in our workshop. It’s a high-quality personalisation method that lasts (practically) forever!

Embroidery UK

Although screen-printing is the best option for printed t-shirts, embroidery is definitely the most suitable technique to personalise polo shirts, fleeces, shirts, caps, and jackets. See the examples below:

Embroidered polo shirt
Embroidered polo shirt

Embroidered fleece
Embroidered fleece

Embroidered shirt
Embroidered shirt

Embroidered cap
Embroidered cap

Embroidered jacket
Embroidered jacket

We can embroider directly onto clothes but we can also make embroidered iron-on shields that can be ironed or sewn onto your clothing.

Embroidered iron-on shields

We highly recommend this technique for your personalised workwear, customised uniforms and corporate clothing.

The embroidered workwear will give your brand the elegant look you need and will improve the image of your company.


  • We do not accept our clients’ clothing. Just products from our online clothing catalogue.
  • Obviously we cannot embroider photos or difficult logos. This technique allows us to reproduce simple logos and letters only. Maximum number of colours: 15.
  • Embroidery is not a fast technique, it requires a lot of detail so it increases our delivery time.

As we don’t have a fixed price for this method, in order to give you a quote, please send us the original image you want to embroider, the measurements of the logo and the number of clothes you need. We’ll send you a detailed quote as soon as possible. This service is available from just 10 articles!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised fleeces

Winter’s not over yet! For those cold days take a look at our blank or personalised fleeces! 🙂

Personalised fleeces

We can supply a huge range of online fleeces for your company or event. From promotional fleeces -value jackets for events- to high quality fleeces -workwear, sports club training, etc-.

Here’s our range of styles in a mutitude of colours and sizes:

  • Full zip fleeces
  • 1/4 zip fleeces
  • Fleece vests
  • From 260g/m2 to 320g/m2
  • Jackets and vests also for ladies and for kids
  • Gloves, scarves, neck warmers and blankets

Online fleeces

We highly recommend these 2 techniques for printing your logo, message or design:

  • Embroidery: the most suitable personalisation method for fleeces. Long lasting and with a perfect finish.
  • Screen-printing: Perfect for value fleeces. Cheap, fast and long-lasting.

Here there are some examples of our printed work:

Printed fleeces

Printed fleeces
Printed fleeces online

Embroidered fleeces

Fleeces embroidery
Embroidered fleeces

Remember that we’ll always send you a digital artwork proof of your design before printing, and that we offer free delivery on orders over £250!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122