Personalised organic sweatshirts

Today we’ve got an excellent example of personalised organic sweatshirts to share with you. This order for ecological sweaters are customised with a really eye-catching design for our Swiss clients, les irrotationnels.

Personalised organic sweatshirts

Les Irrotationnels are a student association from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Lausanne Federal Polytechnic School) who organise events and help prepare end-of-school trips as well as offering support in academic areas.

These students were particularly interested in organic sweaters and they chose a model from the Stanley&Stella range, which are well-known in the textile world for their eco-friendly, high-quality clothing:

  • Available in a large range of colours
  • Made with Certified Organic Cotton
  • Variety of sizes for children, men and women
  • Affiliate of the Fair Wear Foundation

Stanley stella sweatshirts

Due to their high quality clothes, Stanley&Stella offer a great selection of T-shirts, sweatshirts and other garments for personalising, especially for designers and creating your brand of clothing. Also these items are a fantastic choice for uniforms or merchandising because they’re long-lasting and really fashionable.

Organic hoodies
Organic jumpers

Regarding the designs printed here, these organic jumpers were personalised with 6-colour screen-printing on the front and as usual, the result here is really fantastic.

We always remind our customers that if you want to use an image with shading you need to use a different customisation technique such as DTG or sublimation printing, depending on the fabric, but there are always tricks you can use like the one you can see here, using a darker shade of blue to give the impression of a shaded design!

Environmentally friendly sweatshirts
Printed organic sweatshirts

Also, the client printed their logo on to the sleeve in 3-colour screen-printing which gives an extra flair of professionalism!

Printed sleeves

However, if perhaps you’re looking to economise we recommend reducing the printing to 1 or 2 spot colours so that there are less technical costs. As you know, we have to charge 1 technical cost per colour in screen-printing which is used to create the screen and special film used in the process.

In addition to these environmentally-friendly sweatshirts, you can find a long list of different styles in our online sweater catalogue which includes hoodies, half or full zipped jumpers and plain or two-colour sweatshirts.

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised hoodies website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Embroidered hats for uniforms

This month, with the cold winds bearing down, we’ve been hard at work producing these embroidered hats for uniforms – perfect for working outdoors or for manual labourers!

Embroidered beanies

Every profession has it’s advantages and distinct working conditions and it’s really important that each company knows well what their employees need and adapts their personalised uniforms correctly!

These embroidered beanie hats are a fantastic, practical product for personalising, chosen especially by the Portuguese cork company MASilva Portugal for their workers. We produced 500 beanies with their logo and company name and slogan embroidered onto the front and back.

Embroidered hats uniforms
Hats for personalising

Just as with all our personalised clothing orders, we sent the client a DAP (digital artwork proof) before beginning in order to confirm the design, sizes, location and colour:

Embroidered beanies companys

This time around, our client chose the MB Beanie with contrasting colour model which is a tight-fitting knitted cap without brim, made of 100% polyacrylic. This model is available in a wide range of contrasting colours which is great for combining colours with the design and adapting to your company logo !

MB beanie

  • MB Beanie with contrasting colour
  • 100% polyacrylic knitted hats
  • No brim
  • One size fits all

But if beanies aren’t your style or your company prefers something a little different, not only do we have a large range of hats for personalising in our online hats & caps catalogue but we’ve also got other catalogues online where you can see a variety of clothing for customising such as:

Personalised beanies

Take a look online at all the different products available to personalise and if you need any help or extra information, get in touch via e-mail or phone and our sales team will be delighted to inform you.

With these types of hats, the best and most professional way to personalise them is with embroidery. As you can see, embroidery is by far the best choice here due to it’s high quality, the ability to customise with such small details and the long-lasting results !

Embroidered beanie hats

But don’t forget we also offer an ample range of customisation methods too, in order to be able to best adapt the technique to your needs, including: DTG, traditional screen-printing, digital transfers and classic transfers, CAD-cut vinyl and sublimation printing.

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised caps website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Full print Tees

Full print tees are really gaining momentum in the designing world, with so many young entrepreneurs and alternative handcraft markets around, especially in the latest months leading upto Christmas.

Full print tees

With the limitless advantages these personalised clothes offer, it’s no surprise that Full Print T-shirts are so popular! The full printing technique allows for multicoloured images to be printed all over the surface of the T-shirt or other garment with no colour limit including shading, photo quality and artwork of all kinds.

All over t-shirts
Full printing on t-shirts

Another excellent quality of the Full Print customising method is that it is 100% indeleble which means you can wash your full-printed tees over and over again and the printing won’t disappear !

As well as the long-lasting visual effects, the sublimation printing used for Full printing means it is completely indistinguishable to the touch too, unlike other personalisation methods, there’s no horrible plastic feel!

Full print
Print all over t-shirt

Remember: although we are able to print all-over the surface of the T-shirt or other garment, we are restricted by certain limitations. There are some areas which are impossible to print such as under the arms or near the collar and can produce white creases which may be more obvious in certain designs.

Customised t-shirts
All over tees

Within our Normal Full Print Catalogue, we also produce a range of other accessories which you can choose from:

  • Square and triangular bandanas;
  • Towels of different sizes;
  • Neckwarmers;
  • Blankets;
  • Sports style T-shirts
  • and the more traditional cotton-touch Tees.

So there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone! If you need an idea for original gifts, business give-aways, new clothing lines, gym gear, music merchandising, sports outfits etc. we’re sure you’ll find something to suit you!

Printed tees full print
Personalised t-shirts

Not only that but we also provide Made-to-order Full Printing for those who wish for the ultimate in personalised t-shirts! Within this range, kid’s, women’s and adult’s T-shirts are available in either a cotton-touch style or a sports technical style. Ideal for designers and fashionable clothes stores!

T-shirts packaging

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Customised sweatshirts for designers

Customised sweatshirts for designers must have at least these two qualities:

  • A high quality garment for printing
  • And an attractive design printed using a long-lasting personalisation technique!

Customised sweatshirt designers

It’s just not worth printing fantastic artwork on promotional items but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune! In our online sweatshirt catalogue you will find a large range of sweatshirts available for personalising :

  • Classic-style roundneck sweatshirts
  • Two-tone sweatshirts
  • Vintage-coloured sweatshirts
  • Fitted sweatshirts for women
  • Hoodies
  • Hoodies with half-zips
  • Organic sweatshirts
  • And jumpers for kids!

This client made an excellent choice for their personalised sweatshirts for designers with the Gildan Heavy 270gr/m2 with anti-pilling treatment. With such a wide range of colours available and the great value-for-money that this model offers, who can beat it ?

  • 50% cotton – 50% polyester
  • 270gr/m2
  • Sizes from S – XXL

Personalised sweatshirts

There are various customising methods available for printing designs on sweaters, like embroidery or CAD-cut vinyl but the most popular is by far traditional screen-printing.

Screen-printing is especially good for 1 or 2-colour artwork but can print up to 6 colours on white or coloured garments. However the colours must be spot-colours without shading.

But just look at the elegant results it gives:

Printed hoodies

Brilliant final product even with the smallest details !

Personalised sweatshirts for designers
Sweatshirts for designers

Printing in just 1 or 2 colours can still produce very original and eye-catching personalised garments and it’s one of the most affordable styles of customising clothing.


For all those budding entrepreneurs, we have a few tips for personalising clothing:

  • If you choose to create T-shirts and sweaters with the same design, you can save the technical costs by maintaining the printing size on all garments and using the same screens!
  • Also we have such a wide range of articles available at, that if you wish to find a new and exciting accessory to personalise, you just need to take a look at our many online catalogues.
  • Finally we can also offer extra services which are ideal for designers such as personalising labels with polyamide labels or screen-printed ones, or for the final touch you can choose to have the garments individually packaged with transparent plastic bags.

Sweatshirts for personalising

There’s really something for everyone so what are you waiting for ? Give us a call today!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised hoodies website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised cotton rucksacks

Online magazines are becoming more and more popular these days and many also offer their own line of merchandising. This week we bring you this example of the French online magazine ‘Madmoizelle‘, who chose to create these really great personalised cotton rucksacks!

Personalised cotton rucksacks
Promotional bags

These drawstring bags are light and comfortable to wear; excellent for sightseeing or promotional events and advertising. With such an original custom design, success is guaranteed for Madmoizelle’s personalised bags.

Using the vintage-style natural colour of these backpacks: Ant Fine Cotton Drawstring bags, the client combined their 2-colour design printed with screen-printing to give this fantastic result:

Drawstring bags
Screen-printed bags

Textile screen-printing reproduces even the smallest detail as you can see here. The affordable price and amazing quality it offers is unbeatable, especially if you choose to print with just 1-2 colours.

Personalising back-packs with your company logo or design with lots of colours is also possible with CAD-cut vinyl or Digital Transfer. These two options are slightly less economic however they offer the possibility to print unlimited colours with shading.

After classic tote bags, the next favourite in our line of bags for personalising, for businesses, festivals, promotional or cultural events etc is the drawstring backpack! They’re a very useful and eye-catching merchandising tool which can be reused over and over which ensures a little extra publicity for your company or brand! 😉

Drawstring backpack
Printed drawstring bags

As well as different drawstring bags we have a range of other styles available and not to mention a variety of other articles in our online catalogues:

  • Tote bags: great for designers, bands, festivals, conferences etc.;
  • Shopping bags: ideal for businesses and supermarkets;
  • Document-holders: perfect for business give-aways or presents for employees/clients;
  • Kid’s rucksacks: for schools, institutions, academies, social clubs and associations;
  • Shoulder bags: for merchandising or own brands/clothing lines;
  • Sports bags: popular throughout the athletic world in gyms and sports clubs.

Personalised bags

We offer such a range of promotional items for personalising, it’s impossible not to find what you need at so why not take a look and send us your design for a quote today!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised bags website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised bandanas

Although we often rave about our T-shirts, we also love our other accessories and garments for customising and this week we bring you these excellent personalised bandanas as a fantastic product for merchandising, promotions and advertising, for biker or social clubs, festivals and concerts!

Bandanas online

Within the range of bandanas for customising that we offer you can choose from different sizes, colours, shapes and materials, ensuring you’ll find what you need in our online bandana catalogue!

This order was created for the Fairport Convention group who as well as using this fine accessory as band merchandising in the annual Fairport Cropredy Convention, a summer folk and rock music festival started by the Electric Folk band 40 years ago, they also sell the bandanas on their webpage in their online shop!

Not just for human fans! Ideal for man’s best friend too!

It’s obvious that these printed bandanas were a great success as this client chose to repeat the order!

The item chosen was the RTN Triangular Cotton 80×57 bandana, available in as many as 10 different colours!

  • Cotton bandana for personalising.
  • 80x57cm.
  • Print your logo or design in screen-printing.

Personalised bandanas

The great thing about screen-printing designs on cotton bandanas is that you can print various colours and even opt to change the colour of your printing for one part of the order, for the small cost of £15 per ink change which is well worth it if you want to create an eye-catching design with few colours.

But if you choose to go for a different material or style of bandana, don’t forget we can also print using sublimation or even full print!

Bandanas for customising

Finally, don’t forget: We always send a DAP – digital artwork proof – before beginning the printing stage, just to ensure 100% that the client and our designers have the right idea about how to perfectly produce your personalised clothing and accessories!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Kid’s Long-Sleeved Personalised T-shirts

Behind the simply sweet design for these kid’s long-sleeved personalised T-shirts comes the sad but inspiring story of the 1MotivoMilRazones (= one cause, one thousand reasons) project created by Rúben and Lydia, who lost their son Mateo to leukaemia.

Kids long sleeved personalised -shirts

To collect money and continue their fight against this debilitating disease, Ruben and Lydia have started selling personalised merchandise like these custom children’s tees, other t-shirts, bracelets and dummies on their online shop in collaboration with ‘Fundación Josep Carreras Contra la Leucemia’ (Josep Carreras Foundation Against Leukaemia). Half of the funds go to the association to further research and spread information, whilst the other half is being used to create a children’s story based on Mateos journey! What else could you ask for?

Just look at how cute these custom kid’s t-shirts look!

We see no reason why the little ones should be forgotten when it comes to placing your personalised clothing order, which is why we’ve a whole online catalogue of children’s T-shirts including bodies for babies and short and long-sleeved Ts for kids in all different styles, colours and sizes.

Long sleeved childrens t-shirts for personalising

And with the cold upon us, it’s better to be prepared with these long-sleeved children’s T-shirts for personalising, like the Fruit of the Loom Value Kids Long Sleeves model that was used to create these fantastic custom clothes, which is a sure bet thanks to it’s many positive qualities:

  • From size 3-4 to 14-15 years.
  • 100% cotton with Belcoro yarn.
  • 165gr/m2.
  • Available in 6 different colours.

These affordable kid’s tees are especially perfect for printing with screen-printing, the most tried and tested custom technique available! Ideal for mischevious kids!

Textile screen-printing is the best method for printing slogans, texts or simple designs like this one:

Custom kids t-shirts
Affordable kids tees

By adding personalised labels in screen-printing to their order, this client has assured a top quality product !

We have the possibility of swapping out the manufacturer’s label for a white, polyamide, personalised one with your design and information. Or we also offer the service of removing the label altogether, re-sewing the collar and printing the label in screen-printing, just like this client chose to do:

Personalised labels

We recommend including the following:

  • Logo or design of your brand
  • Size
  • Slogan or text of your choice
  • Washing instructions
  • Material

However, you can choose to print a more or less detailed label to create exactly what you want for your personalised clothing.
Screen-printed labels

We’ve got such a wide range of T-shirts for personalising in our online catalogue, it’s impossible not to find what you need for your charity concerts, NGO uniforms or various events for raising money etc. So why not take a look today and find out how you can give back and continue the fight for your worthy cause! 😉

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Full Print Neck Warmers

We all know that it becomes much more difficult to get up the motivation to go out running or off to the gym on those cold winter nights, but with these fantastic full print neck warmers you can protect yourself from the cold wind and keep up with your sporting activities with no problems! Ideal for motorbike clubs, runners, cyclists, skiers and other winter sports!

Full print neck warmers

In the last few years, personalised multiuse neck warmers have been growing rapidly in popularity for all different reasons: as promotional items, for sports clubs, fashion accessories etc.

These fullprint neck warmers offer many possibilities as you can wear them as scarves, headscarves, arm bands, even as a hair accessory! What’s even better is that with Full Printing we can print all over the surface of the garment with no colour limits which makes them perfect for reproducing your designs or company logo in a tile format!

Personalised multiuse buffs

Full printing is done on 100% polyester garments which allows for an indeleble print with sublimation meaning not only is it impossible to detect by touch, the clothing also remains 100% breathable.

As well as neck warmers, we have various other items available for full printing:

  • Cotton-touch T-shirts
  • Sport T-shirts
  • Sleeveless T-shirts
  • Bandanas
  • Hand towels
  • Gym or bath towels
  • Blankets

Printed neck warmers

These customised accessories are perfect for business giveaways as well as for athletic tournaments and marathons etc to protect from the wind and the cold weather. They’re practically flu-proof!

Due to their tubular form which means they don’t have side seams, it’s easy to print all over and create the design you wish with either 1 tiled logo or a larger artwork print.

Print all over

Another great use for these neck warmers is for town parties and festivals as well as for an original accessory for merchandising ! Plus, one size fits all so no one is left out!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised neckwarmers website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised sweatshirts for events

With the cold weather upon us this week we’ve decided to introduce back personalised sweatshirts! And we’ve got a great example created for HackUPC, a university-based technological event, who customised bags and t-shirts too!

Personalised sweatshirts events

HackUPC is a hackathon in the Catalan Polytechnic University, Barcelona, where hackers from all over the world come together to create hardware, apps, webpages etc in a 36 hour period!

These personalised T-shirts were an excellent addition in order to help differentiate between the various groups of people involved in the coordination of an event on this scale: volunteers, participants, staff etc.

Personalised gear

Plus the bags were a fantastic plus as a free personalised giveaway to participants!

Each type of event has a different audience and therefore in our online catalogue you can find several kinds of clothing for events and textile accessories for customising:

  • T-shirts;
  • Bags;
  • Hats and caps;
  • Polo shirts;
  • Sweatshirts;
  • Rucksacks;
  • Bandanas;
  • Security vests;
  • Document-holders etc.

Personalising sweatshirts and hoodies with screen-printing is one of the best value-for-money options available. Screen-printing is hugely popular because of the fantastic, long-lasting result it gives.

Personalising hoodies screen-printing

Remember, some hoodies and jackets with zips or kangaroo-style pockets don’t allow for printing at the standard 30x30cm size and we cannot print on the seams! Which is why we often recommend printing either on the left-chest area or on the back, just like the organisers at HackUPC decided to do with these stylish sweaters.

Printed hoodies

As well as screen-printing, we offer a range of other personalisation techniques which can be used for printing on sweatshirts too, like: CAD-cut vinyl, embroidery or quadritrans classic transfer.

The client opted for the Sols Soul Sweater, not just for it’s fancy alliteration but also because it’s a first-rate choice for an event taking place in the colder months due to it’s inner fleece lining and thick material at 290gr/m2.

Hoodies with personalisation

Hoodies with personalisation are a favourite for bands merchandise, sports’ clubs and designers as well as anyone looking to create a clothing line!

Printed sweatshirts

If you’re looking for organic, fitted, two-tone or just plain classic sweatshirts, you’ll be able to find something to suit your needs in our online sweatshirt catalogue for men, women and children!

From these event photos, we take it everyone had a great time and loved their personalised gear!

470. Voluntariado agotador. #hackupc #hackathon #gft #gfteam #firsthackathon #volunteers #lamevaupc #fotodiaria @la_upc

Una foto publicada por Ferja (Ferran) Velasco (@heyferja) el

Da comienzo el #hackupc en Barcelona ¡Mucha suerte a todos!

Una foto publicada por Gfi España (@gfi_informatica) el

Join the dark side 💀🔫 #HackUPC #nerfgunbattle #hype

Una foto publicada por Carla Moix (@carlamoix) el

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised hoodies website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Screen-printed Tees for designers

This week we bring you an example of one of our very own screen-printed tees for designers.

At, you can create all kinds of customised products with your own artwork or company logo, but one very popular aspect of textile personalisation is creating items for new and existing clothing brands like these fantastic screen-printed t-shirts for Artvocate, a London-based designer.

Screen-printed tees for designers

Sometimes, simple is the way to go! With these excellent black T-shirts with white screen-printing on the front and back it’s easy to see just that!

But our client didn’t just go for average screen-printing on the front, he chose XL screen-printing to give his design precedence ! Size matters!

Bear in mind if you’re interested in printing your design with XL screen-printing, the maximum size is 38x45cm (approx. 15X18″) and the prices of both the inks and the technical costs are more expensive than normal 30×30 screen-printing.

XL screen printing

Even with just 1-colour screen-printing the effects that can be made are endless. Like you can see here, using lines and dots etc you can create fantastic shading effects with screen-printing.

Shading effects with screen-printing

Also a popular aspect when people decide to make their own clothing brand is the addition of their logo or slogan to all the items.

Personalised tees

It’s very fashionable to put the logo or brand name on the back of personalised tees near the collar.

When it comes to placing your order for custom tees, whether it’s for your own clothing line, to sell at events, music merchandising or promoting a new product, we will always send you a DAP – digital artwork proof – of your design or logo on the garment of your choice before beginning to print. With this, you can confirm that the customisation technique we’ve proposed is correct, see the approximate colours and sizes and the location of the artwork on the clothing or accessory you’ve chosen.

Personalised tees for designers

Remember, although we’re a little crazy for personalised t-shirts, we have a wide range of other products available for personalising: specialises in wholesaling of promotional textile items and we offer different customising techniques which allows us to cater for a huge range of clients.

In this case, our client wanted a T-shirt of medium-high quality so we went with the Roly Dogo Premium 165gr t-shirt.

  • Available in sizes S – XXXXL
  • For kids too!
  • Wide range of colours
  • 100% cotton
  • Removable labels
If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122