Personalised beanies

The cold is here, and we need to protect ourselves. But with style, of course. The personalised beanies are the perfect accessory to protect you from the chilly weather.

Without a doubt, if we see embroidered pom pom beanies we cannot help but think about the cold winter months. But they are so funny and useful that no one resist to use one, they look so good on everyone!

There are a few several models of printable beanies, caps or hats, and you will find them all in our online hats catalogue:

  • Classic caps
  • Fisherman hats
  • Winter beanies
  • Santa Claus hats
  • Safari hats
  • Children’s beanies
  • Basic fedoras
  • Two-tone beanies
  • Beanie-style with visor

You can print beanies online for your brand, club or company, and they are very useful as a giveaway to customers or partners. Embroidering hats online it’s easy!

The embroidered beanies are fun, warm and resistant, so your customers or staff will be just delighted.

Remember that you can buy personalised or plain beanies from just 10 units.

These customised beanies look specially good in embroidery. Because of its elastic fabric, it maybe difficult to use other printing techniques, since the logo or design could be deformed.

However, with embroidery you will get incredible and very professional results, as you can see:

Take a look online at all the different products available to personalise and if you need any help or extra information, get in touch via e-mail or phone and our sales team will be delighted to inform you.

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised caps website or call us on: 0203 695 2122