Printed coloured canvas bags

Do you want your tote bags to stand out? Printed coloured canvas bags are unique and eye-catching advertising gifts.

Printed coloured canvas bags

First of all, what is a canvas bag? A printable canvas bag is nothing more than a fabric bag, either with long or short handles. It is usually made of cotton, non woven or polyester.

Although many people believe otherwise, custom fabric bags are quite cheap. For this reason they are a great investment for advertising in all kinds of events.

Printed coloured canvas bags 1
Printed coloured canvas bags 2

That is why many brands, companies, retail stores or designers choose to personalise tote bags. Visibility is guaranteed!

However, the questions that usually arise before printing promotional bags are common among many of our customers: can they be printed on both sides? Are there any colour limits? What customisation technique is better for my artwork?

Printed coloured canvas bags 3
Printed coloured canvas bags 4

In custom cotton bags we can print on both sides, but generally for a corporate gift one side printing is enough.

About the limits of printing colours, it depends completely on your design. This is what will mark what kind of technique we will use to create custom fabric bags. A simple design with one or few colours can be reproduced using screen printing, as you can see in these tote bags:

Printed coloured canvas bags 5
Printed coloured canvas bags 6

On the other hand, if you want to print pics or full colour illustrations on these cotton tote bags, we can use digital printing.

Among all the models of fabric bags available, the Beech bag offers a wide range of colours to choose from. You can choose from over 40 colours to create high quality custom canvas bags. 🙂

Printed coloured canvas bags 7

  • Size: 38×42 cm.
  • Weight: 140 g/m2
  • Quality certificate Confidence in Textiles
  • Envelope side seams prevent shrinking

At, we make it really easy to get involved with online bag printing. In our bag catalogue you’ll find all types of typical tote bags, ruck-sacks, drawstring styles all ready to be printed with your artwork, company logo or slogan.

Printed coloured canvas bags 8