Pros & Cons of DTG Printing

We love digital printing because it’s fast, cheap and we can get high quality printing results. But let’s talk about the pros & cons of DTG printing. 🙂

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What is digital t-shirt printing?

DTG printing consists in applying ink directly onto the garments, which are heat set using a tunnel dryer. We can print any kind of artwork, regardless of whether they are texts, illustrations, designs or photographs.

Some time ago, digital classic transfer was used to print photo t-shirts. Nowadays digital printing has taken over for its high quality and short delivery times in low or medium t-shirts orders.

Direct printed t-shirts look amazingly good. That is why they are used in music merchandising, hen party t-shirts or apparel clothing brands, among many other options.

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Pros & Cons of DTG Printing 3

Pros of DTG

  • Quick turnaround times: unlike screen printing, it is not necessary to create any screens, since the t-shirts printing is done directly.
  • No colour limitation: complex designs full of details, gradients and colours are not a problem for the Direct to Garment Printing.
  • Soft touch: forget the plastic touch on your personalised t-shirts. Digital printing leaves a soft and pleasant touch on fabric.
  • High quality: digital printed tees gives high durability results.
  • Profitable to sell: in short, medium or large orders, DTG printing is very affordable for all kinds of budgets.

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Cons of DTG

  • Colour variations: colours on DTG printed tees will never be as vibrant as they appear in the original design.
  • Only suitable for cotton apparel: we can not apply DTG on polyester, non woven or nylon garments. Digital printing only works on printable cotton clothing or with a high percentage of cotton content.
  • T-shirts, sweatshirts and bags: due to the characteristics of the digital printer, we can only custom tote bags, sweatshirts or printable t-shirts.
  • Delivery times in large orders: although in small orders it is a very fast customization technique, printing large amount of tees can lengthen turn around times.

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