Screen-printing advice

Today we’ve prepared for you some screen-printing advice!

Screen-printing is the go-to personalisation technique for creating all kinds of customised t-shirts, for advertising, designers, clubs etc. It’s quick, high quality and long-lasting!

Number of colours

Screen-printing is a personalisation method which is separated by colour and printed one at a time. We can print up to 8 different colours on white clothing and 6 on colour. Due to the technique of dividing the colours, it’s necessary to create a film and screen for each colour. Therefore the more colours, the higher the technical costs.

Tip: When possible, we’ll recommend reducing designs to 1 or 2 colours for your screen-printed T-shirts.


Spot colours

This method allows us to reproduce logos, texts and designs with spot colours giving spectacular results but it’s not the right technique for complex, multi-coloured designs.

Tip: If your design has shading or different tones of a certain colour, we can still produce a similar effect with our screen-printing with shading service. Whilst, if the design is more complex or contains photos, we’ve many other techniques to use such as DTG digital printing, sublimation or CAD-cut vinyl.

Shading effect
Shading effect

Digital printing
Digital printing

Quality of the file

Although our designers always retouch the designs in order for them to be as perfect as possible when printed, the final result does depend majorly on the quality of the file you send us.

Tip: Send us your design in the best possible format you can: either vector, jpeg at actual size, tiff or psd at 300dpi.

Personalised tees


Textile screen-printing is a quick personalisation system but that doesn’t stop it being a challenging traditional craft. On we offer various turnaround times depending on the level of urgency: Normal service, Fast service and Express service.

Tip: If you choose the normal service and your order surpasses £250, we’ll send you your order completely free of delivery charges!

Online personalised t-shirts


Another fantastic thing about screen-printing is the long-lasting effect it has against time passing and washing. Your personalised clothing really will last a lifetime! This makes it the perfect system for uniforms, work wear, sports gear etc.

Tip: In spite of this fact, we always recommend washing your customised clothes inside out, in warm water and to avoid ironing directly onto the printed area, just to make sure they last extra long and keep that first-day feeling!

Personalised t-shirt label

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122