Personalised Ringer T-shirts

For those who are looking for a different kind of tee, we show you these wonderful personalised ringer t-shirts. 🙂

Printed ringer tees are back in town and the best news are that everyone can afford them, since they have a very attractive price and do not have to be limited to designers and clothing brands. They can also be used as work clothes, during events, as merch bands or as promotional t-shirts.

To get an even more striking result, you can combine the design’s colour with the contrasted areas of your custom ringer tees, as this client did in this example we show today:

As you can see, these personalised t-shirts have a cool and casual look; surely you must have seen them in many stores.

These Fruit Ringer t-shirts are from the well-known brand Fruit of the Loom, a worldwide reference. They stand out thanks to their contrast ringer binding on sleeves and neck line. Not only that, thanks to its Belcoro yarn we can guarantee you the best results on printing your logo or design by screen printing.

We often advise using this technique for printing 1 or 2-colour designs as it always provides fantastic results and is great value-for-money! It’s also ideal for taking more complex designs and reducing them to monochrome prints or for texts and slogans.

Before printing our client’s order we sent them a Digital Artwork Proof (DAP) of their design to make sure all was correct and as understood by both parties. We always aim to be as clear as possible as we know it can be daunting to order personalised ringer tees online!

We remind you of our delivery times for personalised garments in the UK:

  • Fast Service – Delivery in 12 days with UPS or TNT – delivery charges included in price
  • Express Service – Delivery in 10 days with UPS or TNT – delivery charges not are included in price (15%)
  • Fast Service – Delivery in 10 working days with UPS or TNT – delivery charges not are included in price (25%)
If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Scout T-shirt Printing

Scout groups stand out for their feeling of unity and for developing mental, physical and spiritual skills in every one of the activities that they carry out, normally outdoors. So, today is time to talk about scout t-shirt printing!

These original customised t-shirts were for the Italian escorts AGESCI, who sent us an inspiring design perfect to go camping.

In general, boy scout shirts have very striking designs related to nature and outdoors activities, like trees, lakes, stars, tents, bonfires … And of course, you can not miss the pack logo!

Personalised scouts tees must be good quality and with an excellent durable print; that’s why most of them are printed by screen printing.

With screen printing your designs will look clear and without missing any detail. The best of all? At a great value!

It’s necessary to have in mind that to print scouts t-shirts by screen printing that the more colours have a design or logo, the more the budget will increase. That’s why we recommend to use 1-2 colours on your designs or logos.

When it comes to printing scout tees is that you will surely need different sizes for a big range of ages, since usually there are children and adults in each pack.

For this reason we recommend you to choose Regent t-shirts, available in sizes for everyone, including kid’s sizes. We’ve got a huge stock available of the Sol’s Regent which means we’re ready to print and send orders using this model via our Fast or Express delivery options. Perfect if you’re rushed to meet a deadline but looking for quality and long-lasting printed tshirts!

Here are some other ideas for printing scout clothing from our online textile catalogue:

We hope we have inspired you to create custom scout tees! : D

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised t-shirts online

We offer you a complete service to order personalised t-shirts online! We understand the singularity of each one of our clients, that’s why we can advise on what garments or printing technique to choose.

We print many customised tees at our workshop for all type of clients:

  • Events
  • Associations
  • NGOs
  • Bands
  • Work teams
  • Clothing brands
  • Gyms

Screen printing is the most used customised textile technique in the whole world, probably because its full of advantages: you can get one of the highest quality results without spending so much money.

We recommend screen printing for customise tees with logos, texts or designs with spot colours. You can create promotional t-shirts for events in a simple, easy way.

This printing method always guarantees great results at low-cost prices, ideal for businesses looking to create their own work team t-shirts!

To create screen-printed tees, we employ the Pantone Uncoated range of colours as a reference. This way you can tell us the Pantone reference for your corporative logo or design, and we’ll use the closest Uncoated reference to that colour. Just remember, in textile personalisation there are no exact pantones for the ink we use but in our workshop we’re lucky enough to have some real colour experts on our team which allows us to reproduce any colour with a 98% accuracy rate!

You can find have a complete range of printable T-shirts available to choose from depending on your needs. You just need to take a look at our online tee catalogue and decide what you want to offer and how you want to promote your brand, associations, club or band.

In case you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always get in touch with our friendly sales staff who are looking forward to helping you make the best personalised clothing for you. 😀

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Made-to-order full print tees

Made-to-order full print tees are the highest quality choice for designers and clothing brands, but since it’s becoming more popular all kind of companies, agencies and events are choosing this printing technique.

We offer two types of all over printed t-shirts:

  • All over printing on made tees: we customise a pre-manufactured garment.
  • All over printing on cut and sew tees: each part of the t-shirt is individually print and sewn.

With Made-to-order full print you can expect perfect results without imperfections on arm pits, seams or edges, since the ink can reach the entire textile surface of these all over custom t-shirts.

Here’s what you must know in case you decide to personalise made-to-order all over tees:

  • 100% perfect results.
  • We resize your design to each tee size.
  • You can print logos on the sleeves.
  • On technical t-shirts you can create personalised labels.
  • The price for this service is slightly more expensive than other customising methods.
  • Choose from 7 neck tape colours.
  • Delivery times are longer: around 3 weeks.

Full print t-shirts are so trendy and fashionable! No matter how complicated is your design or the number of colours: full print can reproduce any image!

For example, if you want to print photos on T-shirts you will get an incredible high quality effect. You just have to ensure that the files you’re sending us are at maximum resolution to get the best possible result.

The all over T-shirt printing has been an absolutely must for designers or fashion brands for a long time now, but it has become a bit more affordable, so it is also used in events, sports clubs and even stag parties. 😀

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Custom pocket T-shirts

Designers and clothing brands not only look for quality on their garments, but also originality. That’s why custom pockets t-shirts are a huge success.

We offer a wide variety of t-shirts for designers in our online tees catalogue:

  • Organic t-shirts
  • Vintage t-shirts
  • Heather t-shirts
  • Camouflage t-shirts
  • Two-colour t-shirts
  • Fitted t-shirts
  • Striped t-shirts
  • Crop tops

The spanish clothing brand Minimalist launched their new collection of printed pocket tees, with several elegant, subtle designs that we just loved.

For all their new range of personalised tees with pocket chose the Teckel t-shirt, a garment that offers quality and originality at an attractive value. The fabric is very soft, so these tees are so very comfortable to wear!

In addition, the original label can be easily removed to print personalized labels instead using screen printing, a perfect plus for designers who want to start their clothing brand and add value to their tees.

To create customised labels it’s a wonderful way to make your personalised tees a completely unique item.

Screen printing is the favorite printing technique of most designers for their personalised premium tees. It guarantees perfect and durable high quality results, since even the designs with small details and thin lines looks great. Check it out:

We have to keep in mind that screen-printing is especially good for 1 or 2-colour artwork but can print up to 6 colours on white or coloured tees. However, the colours must be spot-colours without any shading.

Another plus of the screen-printing, besides the great value-for-money and its luxury results, is that it can be used in any area to personalise pocket t-shirts. You can print on sleeves, on the sides, on shoulders…

We remind you that you can also use embroidery to customise pocket tees!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Screen-printed T-shirts for bands

If you are thinking of printing merchandising for your band and you’re looking for a great value for money option do not look any further: screen printed t-shirts for bands are the most popular choice.

Why would you choose to print T-shirts by screen printing? It is the method of impression with the best price-quality result. We print each colour of the design separately through screens. That is: 1 colour = 1 screen, 2 colours = 2 screens, etc. The more screens, the higher the printing budget.

We recommend creating personalised t-shirts with designs between 1-3 colours. Incredible and wash-proof results are always guaranteed!

The punk band Tano! wanted customised tees in screen printing, using 1 ink on both white and black t-shirts. Being a design with so many details and fine lines, they were shown how it would look if we added black ink on the black t-shirts, in addition to the white:

After seeing the different designs proposed by our design team the band preferred using 2 inks on the black t-shirts and 1 ink on the white t-shirts. Our team will always help you to make your personalised tees perfect and be a success among your audience. 😉

When it comes to customised t-shirts for merchandising we always suggest you choose mid-range tees, such as the Sols Regent T-shirt. An ideal model for resale, that is usually very popular for its low price and for its amazing range of colours.

In addition, we remind you that you can complete your personalised merchandising with many other items from our online textile catalog:

  • Sweatshirts
  • Tote bags
  • Caps
  • Lanyards
  • Neckwarmers

If you want to print band t-shirts in a quick and simply way don’t hesitate to contact us. 🙂

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Personalised clothing

Are you thinking about ordering some personalised clothing but you still in doubt? Worry not! Here we come with some fine examples we did at our textile workshop during the last months. 😉

One of our most popular items are the printed sports t-shirts for competitions, marathons, tournaments, football teams, clubs or solidarity events.

You can print technical t-shirts with the sponsor’s logo, a motivational text or any design you want. To keep the polyester fabric 100% breathable, we recommend to use sublimation printing.

Also, for the best value-for-money we can personalise sport tees with screen-printing for simple designs with plain colours or CAD-cut vinyl, if you need to print multicoloured designs at a low-cost quote.

The little ones are also important and deserve their own customised kid’s t-shirts, specially if you are planning to run an event specially for they like school excursions, music academy events, sports clubs, end-of-year trips, etc.

We offer a large range of printable children’s tees at our online textile catalogue for kids, including long-sleeve t-shirts and technical tees for sports practising.

Customised hoodies are very popular, particularly in the coldest months of the year. They’re versatile, comfortable and they will keep you warm during winter days.

We personalise hoodies for school leavers, paddle clubs, bands, colleges, designers, events, clothing brands or associations. Just take a look at our online sweatshirts catalogue to see how many wonderful choices you have!

When we talk about town parties, festivals, outdoor events or school days out, security comes first. Thats why hi-vis safety vests with reflective strips are so important.

Printed visibility vests are an essential workwear to security staff. Remember that you can also order plain safety vests. 🙂

You will find a lot of possibilities in our online textile catalogue:

Get in touch today for a free, non-strings-attached quote!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Fashionable personalised tees

A dancing event as original as the Rock’N’Boogie 2017 deserves some fashionable personalised tees according to the stylish contestants. 😀

Not all events are the same, and it is important to adapt your merch to your potential audience. In this case, customising original t-shirts can make the difference to a successful merchandising, so attendees will keep wearing it once the event ends.

The Roly Leola T-shirts are a fun, casual and modern choice. A 100% polyester garment with a soft cotton touch. These tie-up knot t-shirts are very comfortable and light to wear thanks to its low weight. Perfect for dancing for hours!

These customised tie-up t-shirts stands out from the classic tees, which brings a brilliant, striking touch to any event, dance club, association or festival.

Also, if you are looking for trendy workwear tees for pubs, beach clubs or parties, these t-shirts can be the perfect addition for avoiding the heat in summer and offer a more casual look. 😉

So, you can check other fashion t-shirts to print in our online ladies t-shirt catalogue, where you will find some cool garments such as these ones:

In order to personalise fashion t-shirts in an economic and quality way, we recommend screen-printing, the most used technique in our workshop for all types of garments and designs.

Screen-printing is perfect for logos, texts or simple designs with spot colours:

We recommend you to print original t-shirts up to 1-2 inks for the best value, especially if your purpose is to resell the tees.

As you can see, these knotted T-shirts were a success at the Rock ‘n Boogie festival:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need trendy customised tees for your event, festival or contest!

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

3-colour Screen-printed T-shirts

These 3-colour screen-printed T-shirts were brought to you by for Xavier Fauthoux for the soul purpose of promoting his recently released autobiography of James Brown: Black and Proud which tells the true story of the one and only charismatic Godfather of Soul.

3-colour screen-printed t-shirts

When it comes to advertising for your book, film or new album, merchandising plays such an important role! We recommend investing in quality clothing for your printed merchandising tees so they’ll be long-lasting and above all memorable! offers a wide range of publicity clothing such as the Sols Regent 150gr T-shirt:

Sols regent tshirt

With semi-combed cotton, 150gr and available in more than 40 colours and for men, women and kids, it’s the sure choice for any advertising campaigns or promoting your art!

For large orders for promotional events and business giveaways, has a little advice to get the best out of your order:

  • Reducing your design or logo to 1 or 2 spot colours, allows us to employ screen-printing: the best technique for value-for-money and long-lasting quality!
  • If your design is a photo or artwork with lots of colours or shading, we recommend either DTG or if you’re looking to economise: digital transfer (only available on white, 100% cotton Ts).
  • Remember printing on a white background is always cheaper than colour!

Printed merchandising tees
Screen-printed tees

As you can see, for these, we used 3-colour screen-printing but in such a way that the design retains the shaded effect! It never ceases to amaze the results that screen-printing gives!

Pros for screen-printing with

  • Prints up to 6 spot colours on white and colour,
  • Available on nearly all kinds of garments,
  • The standard printing size is 30x30cm but we also offer an XL screen-printing service up to 38x45cm!
  • Fast and cheap printed clothing delivered to your doorstep!

Modern promotional tees
Personalised t-shirts screen-printing

If you’re not sure on how to print your design or if it’s possible to reproduce your company logo in textile screen-printing, why not send it to us and let our sales and design team help you find the best solution! We’re always happy to help you get the best for your money and promote your artwork by the most original advertising available: Personalised T-shirts and accessories.

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122

Full print Tees

Full print tees are really gaining momentum in the designing world, with so many young entrepreneurs and alternative handcraft markets around, especially in the latest months leading upto Christmas.

Full print tees

With the limitless advantages these personalised clothes offer, it’s no surprise that Full Print T-shirts are so popular! The full printing technique allows for multicoloured images to be printed all over the surface of the T-shirt or other garment with no colour limit including shading, photo quality and artwork of all kinds.

All over t-shirts
Full printing on t-shirts

Another excellent quality of the Full Print customising method is that it is 100% indeleble which means you can wash your full-printed tees over and over again and the printing won’t disappear !

As well as the long-lasting visual effects, the sublimation printing used for Full printing means it is completely indistinguishable to the touch too, unlike other personalisation methods, there’s no horrible plastic feel!

Full print
Print all over t-shirt

Remember: although we are able to print all-over the surface of the T-shirt or other garment, we are restricted by certain limitations. There are some areas which are impossible to print such as under the arms or near the collar and can produce white creases which may be more obvious in certain designs.

Customised t-shirts
All over tees

Within our Normal Full Print Catalogue, we also produce a range of other accessories which you can choose from:

  • Square and triangular bandanas;
  • Towels of different sizes;
  • Neckwarmers;
  • Blankets;
  • Sports style T-shirts
  • and the more traditional cotton-touch Tees.

So there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone! If you need an idea for original gifts, business give-aways, new clothing lines, gym gear, music merchandising, sports outfits etc. we’re sure you’ll find something to suit you!

Printed tees full print
Personalised t-shirts

Not only that but we also provide Made-to-order Full Printing for those who wish for the ultimate in personalised t-shirts! Within this range, kid’s, women’s and adult’s T-shirts are available in either a cotton-touch style or a sports technical style. Ideal for designers and fashionable clothes stores!

T-shirts packaging

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122