The Screen-printing Process

Taking advantage of the result of our design work in the shop in Barcelona, we’ve decided to use the decorative artwork to help explain, step by step, the screen-printing process that we use in our textile printing workshops.

Our designers came up with a simple, but complete illustration to show clients how their personalised t-shirts are created through the authentically artistic method of screen-printing.

Screen-printing process

The process:

  • 1.It all starts with an idea… which transforms into a design, logo or text. The best way to send us your design is either in vector format or in a .jpg, .tiff o .psd file at actual size.
  • 2.Creating the films: We separate your designs by colour and from there we can make the films needed to use in the screens. The design is printed onto transparent films, each colour has it’s own film.
  • 3.Creating the screens: Firstly an emulsion is applied to the film which is attached to the screen so that the ink we use only passes through the film onto the items exactly where it should do, to create the design.
  • 4.Our screen-printing machine: Our screen-printing machines have 8 arms referred to as the ‘octupus tentacles’ on which to place the t-shirts for printing.
  • 5.Drying tunnel: Once we remove the t-shirts from the octupus, we put them through a drying tunnel.
  • 6.Packaging and shipping: The t-shirts are then ready to be packed and shipped directly to your door!

Here you have some of the first drafts of the design we used in the shop:


Once the Keith Haring-inspired illustration was given the go ahead, our head designer Miki reproduced it in pen with this fantastic result:

Our IT team came up with the brilliant addition of the idea light bulb style that you see throughout the process: take a look at the final trace:

The design was then printed in matt CAD-cut vinyl and although it wasn’t each to mount on the walls, we succeeded in the end:

Screen-printing screens

We hope the final result helps people to understand the screen-printing process a little better, which although, as you can see, is aided by machines, it remains an artisan process.

Screen-printing shop

If you’re looking to personalise clothing, don’t hesitate to look through our catalogue and prices on our personalised t-shirts website or call us on: 0203 695 2122