Workwear: printed polo shirts

Nowadays a company’s corporate image is almost as important as the products and services they provide. For that reason we will talk about a classic workwear: printed polo shirts.

Workwear: printed polo shirts 1

Use of custom polos

Personalised polo shirts were invented for tennis and polo plays, but their use has evolved since. Today they are used as a casual garment and they have become part of the fashion industry.

Due to their resistance and comfort custom polo shirts are an essential part of work clothes. They fit in all kinds of jobs and positions, although they are quite popular among customer service staff.

Workwear: printed polo shirts 2
Workwear: printed polo shirts 3

You can choose your polo shirts from a wide rage of printable polo shirts:

  • Advertising polo shirts
  • Pique polo shirts
  • Sport polo shirts
  • Long-sleeved polo shirts
  • Two tone polo shirts
  • Organic polo shirts
  • High visibility polo shirts
  • Cotton polo shirts

Printing corporate polo shirts

If a company wants to order custom work wear they always expect good quality results. It makes no sense to choose a high quality polo if the printing method it’s not that good.

Workwear: printed polo shirts 4
Workwear: printed polo shirts 5

We recommend you three printing techniques for your work polo shirts:

  • Screen printed polo shirts
  • Digital printed polo shirts
  • Embroidered polo shirts

In these promotional polo shirts for Spade Della Forza we have used screen printing:

Workwear: printed polo shirts 6
Workwear: printed polo shirts 7
Workwear: printed polo shirts 8

We offer all sorts of polo shirts brands in our online store: Roly, Fruit of the Loom, Sol’s, Stanley / Stella, Gildan, B&C, JHK, Work Team, Clique or Kariban, among others. We will help you find the perfect work printed polo shirts for your company, shop or business! 😀