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Custom tote bags for Band Land

Band Land: How many can you name?

If you’re a fan of music, like we are, you’ll love this new App for your mobile. Band Land is a music trivia game played by guessing which famous bands the icons represent.

The iconic illustration style is based on the fantastic Gerd Antz's designs for the Isotype project.

There are more than 200 different groups and musicians from musical history waiting to be guessed. In order to raise awareness Band Land decided to offer a taster of the game by printing these two great designs on tote bags:

Desgin of the custom bags for Band Land

This long-strap cream coloured bag looks fantastic with black printing. The two designs we’ve printed might seem simple at first glance but some of the detail that is included can be quite complicated – our designer is very happy with the final result.

It seems the app could also be a little difficult: “From the most popular classic to the most obscure title only true audiophiles will be able to identify!” You can see for yourself:

Tote bags are one of the main promotional products par excellence. They’re great to re-use for shopping or even as a handbag. They even fold up to fit in your pocket! 1-colour screen-printed tote bags are a classic and with the amazing designs provided by Band Land, who needs more colour?! So, after seeing these two great samples, how about playing the real thing and seeing how many bands you can guess!


  • Client name: Band Land
  • Mobile App game
  • Barcelona, Spain


  • Item: Bags
  • Brand: ANT
  • Name of item: long handle natural coloured bag
  • Long-handled cotton bags in cream. 110g/m2. An excellently easy-to-personalise item for merchandising, promotions, conferences and much more.


  • Type: 1-colour Screen-printing
  • Pantone: Black

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Detail of screen-printed tote bag Custom tote bag for Band Land Screenshot of Band Land app

Pictures by Band Land