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the Ruby conference by Baruco was a complete succes

Ruby Conference: What a colourful welcome!

It’s that time of year again: the Barcelona Ruby Conference. The event consists of a 2-day conference about Ruby; a computer programming language! This year the event organisers Codegram decided to entrust us with their promotional items and uniforms.

A dynamic, open-source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity

After years of successful events, this year was set to be even better with their creative new logo and comic book-themed designs! Their order consisted of some very eye catching T-shirts for the staff and some vibrant bags for use as welcome packs for the attendees.

On each project we undertake we send a virtual sample of the order so that the client has the option to change the size or colours of their design based on the relation to the T-shirt.

Members of the Baruco Ruby conference with their screen-printed cotton bags

We absolutely loved the graphics chosen for the event, not only on the items we delivered but also their advertising and webpage. The order they made with us was just the icing on the cake!

Tote bags are a great addition to an event like this for use as free gifts to distribute all necessary conference information such as itineraries and tourist information for the town where the event is being held, etc. And with an event like this full of workshops and a great speakers list, we’re sure the bags were perfectly handy.

Not only do they serve during the event but they’re also a great souvenir which can be used again and again!

In addition to the bags, the attendees were given a special treat with their own gift T-shirt! All of the items were printed with screen-printing in a variety of colours. We’re sure they all went home happy with these additions to their wardrobe!



  • Item: T-shirts
  • Brand: BC
  • Name of item: 190


  • Type: 5-colour Screen-printing
  • Pantone: Navy 276, Dark red 215, Green 375, white
  • Measurements: 6,7in wide

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Members of the Ruby conference with their custom T-shirts Members of the organisation of the Ruby conference with their personalised T-shirts A member of the Baruco Ruby conference with his custom tote bag

Photos from Codegram Google Plus