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Customized T-shirts for parties

Nasty Mondays: Best party in Barcelona

Barcelona is famous, amongst other things, for it’s nightlife. One of the great club nights in the city is Nasty Mondays. For last Monday 16th’s event we were pleased to be asked to deliver an order of personalised T-shirts, inspired by the event’s collaboration with Victoria and printed with the text:

Don’t be a loser, be Victoria!

This very special night not only included the usual Djs but also an appearance by the Barcelona band ‘Mujeres’. Judging by the photos, it must have been a night to remember.

Concert in Apolo club, Barcelona

This T-shirt is a classic which we often recommend due to it’s great value for money. As one of the most popular promotional items, the mix of quality and low-cost pricing makes this T-shirt fly off the shelves.

Sols Regent T-shirts have a wide range of colours available and can be screen-printed in practically any colour. They’re a great choice due to their long durability and comfort.

For their design, Nasty Mondays chose black T-shirts printed with white text for an elegant simplicity. Our star printing method, screen-printing, gave a great final result, as you can see:

These stylish T-shirts were worn throughout their event to get the message out there and it seems to have succeeded because a few weeks ago, we were happy to hear that Nasty Mondays has chosen to repeat their order so get ready for another great event in the future!



  • Item: T-shirts
  • Brand: Sols
  • Name of item: Regent
  • 100% semi-combed cotton T-shirt, 150g/m2. Great value for money.


  • Type: 1-colour Screen-printing
  • Pantone: White
  • Measurements: 9.84in wide

Nasty Mondays links

Girl with the custom T-shirt for Apolo night club Party at Apolo Barcelona club Group of boys during the party

Pictures by Mario Carpio