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Digital transfer

This is an alternative transfer method printed onto a type of silicone paper by a laser photocopier.

We print a copy of the image onto this special paper and the silicone of the surface becomes a transporter for the toner, which later sticks to the clothing upon ironing. It’s a quick and economic system that delivers attractive results on light coloured clothing.

We use the best materials available for this technique but it remains a delicate printing style and we recommend washing clothes inside out in cold water.

NOTE: Digital transfer is done using white, translucent sheets which can leave a white mark around the design however this frame tends to disappear with washes or over time.

The Phoenix Policy on Registered Brands and Images

The Phoenix Policy on Registered Brands and Images.

We only accept orders with registered brands or images printed by their legal owners or authorised distributers. We never print images with well-known Comic book characters. If, by chance, we print a famous foreign image the client will be held responsible under the law for any possible sanctions imposed by the correct owner of the image rights.

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