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Embroidery is one of the most suitable techniques for personalised images and we can offer this service from just 10 articles.

We’re equipped with multi-head machines in order to embroider all types of clothes with up to 15 colours.

We also make embroidered iron-on shields that can be sewn or ironed onto clothes of your choice.

Embroidery is a slower process that requires more detail therefore the delivery time increases slightly.

Washing embroidered clothes doesn’t require any special treatment, but we do recommend that, for best results, clothes be washed in lukewarm water.

This method doesn’t have a fixed price. We calculate the price based on the stitching and level of difficulty involved in your design and the quantity of articles; sewing onto a polo shirt isn’t the same as sewing onto a bag.

In order to give a quote we always ask the client to send us the original image and specify the amount and measurements of the desired article.

We generally do not accept items of clothing from clients.

The Phoenix Policy on Registered Brands and Images

The Phoenix Policy on Registered Brands and Images.

We only accept orders with registered brands or images printed by their legal owners or authorised distributers. We never print images with well-known Comic book characters. If, by chance, we print a famous foreign image the client will be held responsible under the law for any possible sanctions imposed by the correct owner of the image rights.

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