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The quadritrans classic transfer system allows perfect printing for personalising your clothing with no colour limits. It's cheap, high quality, with a fast turn-around time (14 days approx.) and we can produce as few as 50 items. All good news!

Why choose quadritrans classic transfer for your personalisation?

It's ideal for printing photos or multicoloured designs with shading etc. on T-shirts. This technique allows for Pantone colours to be printed with a high colour fidelity which gives a great result for photographic quality images and detailled designs whether on dark or light-coloured garments with a fantastic high quality finish.

Although it can sometimes seem similar to CAD-cut vinyl, quadritrans classic transfer is much more affordable and much less obvious to the touch, however it is not a breathable material. If you're looking for a 100% breathable print, we recommend textile sublimation for white, 100% polyester items.

This versatile technique can be used on practically any garment. Also if you want to print on polyester clothing that sometimes permits unwanted dye sublimation, such as technical T-shirts, raincoats, outdoor gear or backpacks, we can offer a special anti-sublimation print at an extra cost, which ensures a better colour fidelity for your design.


The minimum order is 50 items and it is not possible to use this technique on Softshell garments.

How to send us your designs.

Vector format: Illustrator, PDF, EPS.
Actual Size at 300dpi: Jpeg, PNG, PDF, Tiff or PSD

The Phoenix Policy on Registered Brands and Images

The Phoenix Policy on Registered Brands and Images.

We only accept orders with registered brands or images printed by their legal owners or authorised distributers. We never print images with well-known Comic book characters. If, by chance, we print a famous foreign image the client will be held responsible under the law for any possible sanctions imposed by the correct owner of the image rights.

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