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Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest processes available for printing on all types of surfaces , discovered by the Chinese nearly two millennia ago.

How it´s done:

  • A stencil of the design is created and attached to a frame with a special mesh.
  • A squeegee is used to rub the ink through the mesh so that it sticks to the fabric where necessary - in the blank areas an impermeable emulsion is used to avoid excess paint transfer.

Machines are now used for this technique though it is still a craft that requires skill and dedication just like our other methods.

We have an ample range of colours available which allow us to create beautiful effects.

Our Screen Printing Services

All of our products are printed in our workshop using 100% phthalate-free ink. Our commitment to the environment is very important to us.

We use the Pantone colour range as a reference which is full of vibrant colours. Printing on material sometimes doesn’t give the same colour as printing onto paper however we try to get as close as possible to the real thing!

In general our normal delivery time is between a week and a fortnight (due to our excessive workload) however there have been exceptions.

During the Guinea elections in 2004, we received an order of 5000 T-shirts which we delivered to the airport the very next morning!


We can stamp up to 8 colours onto white T-shirts and around 5/6 onto colour T-shirts as well as 4 colours onto bags and hats. If you have any queries about other items of clothing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Custom T-shirts for the Red Cross Spain

We work with specialised metal screens for our machines; on rare occasions we allow our clients to use their own screens. Printing from seam to seam is called Fullprint and this must be done before sewing together the clothes. Since we do not currently make the clothes ourselves we cannot offer this service, however, our salespeople will always try to offer solutions whenever possible.

Screen printed clothes do not need any special treatment for the wash, simply wash with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. There have been occasions where we have accepted items of clothing from the client for screen printing but this depends on the time of year. The minimum amount is 100 articles.

Examples of our work:

The Phoenix Policy on Registered Brands and Images

The Phoenix Policy on Registered Brands and Images.

We only accept orders with registered brands or images printed by their legal owners or authorised distributers. We never print images with well-known Comic book characters. If, by chance, we print a famous foreign image the client will be held responsible under the law for any possible sanctions imposed by the correct owner of the image rights.

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