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What we call Textile Sublimation is a relatively recent personalization technique for white 100% polyester items.

It’s the ideal printing system for technical and sport articles because it doesn’t cover the holes in the fabric thus maintaining the breathable quality.

How it is done

  • Your design is printed with special ink onto a type of paper that doesn’t absorb the inks. Then the paper is ironed onto the item of clothing.
  • The inks evaporate from the heat of the transfer iron and permeate the polyester molecules. The biggest advantage of this technique is the result, which is indistinguishable to the touch and indelible.

What it does best

Textile Sublimation never fades! The ink chemically melts into the fabric. It’s impossible to tell that it’s printed by touch alone, it doesn’t weigh anything and the fabric remains breathable etc. We don’t need to use any technical items such as screens etc to do the actual printing. It’s a very fast method that can be used for small quantities.

It allows near-photo quality without extra costs; the price is the same for one colour and four-colour processes.

The big disadvantage however is that this technique can only be used on white polyester items, but luckily we have a large range available: T-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, raincoats, bags, umbrellas etc...

The Phoenix Policy on Registered Brands and Images

The Phoenix Policy on Registered Brands and Images.

We only accept orders with registered brands or images printed by their legal owners or authorised distributers. We never print images with well-known Comic book characters. If, by chance, we print a famous foreign image the client will be held responsible under the law for any possible sanctions imposed by the correct owner of the image rights.

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