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How to design your logo for screen-printing

In order to get the best results with screen-printing it’s vital that you send us your original design or logo in the correct format and resolution. Don’t forget that the original design is the essence and the base for your personalised T-shirts. A design with a low resolution or too small can become a poor quality print.

That’s why we’ve created these guidelines for how to design your logo for screen-printing.

Step by step:

  • Before sitting down to design your logo, please bear in mind the various requirements for screen-printing. It is a spot-colour system and it has a limit of between 6 and 8 colours. An ideal design would be based on spot colours with no shading or very fine lines.
  • We also advise working either in vector format or in actual size.
  • Working with CMYK or RGB colour schemes is recommended.
  • Save your design in vector format (AI, PDF or EPS) with all texts traced or in actual size for printing at 300dpi (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF o PSD). Send us your design via e-mail. The size of the document can be upto 4 Megas without causing problems. For any documents of superior size, we advise directly using systems for sending large files such as Dropbox, Wetransfer or Google Drive.

Once we receive your files, the design team at tshirts-uk.com will make sure that the quality of the design is appropriate and they will decide if they or you need to make any adjustments before proceeding. They will also be the ones who separate the design by colours in order to create the films used in the screen-printing process – remember for each colour in the design a separate film and screen is required.

We always make sure our clients are happy with the design and the way we plan to print their custom t-shirts or clothing before going ahead with the order by sending a DAP – digital artwork proof and awaiting confirmation. This way the client is able to check colours, location and sizes of the design before we send the order to our printing workshop. Only with the client’s final OK do we send your order through to be printed and eventually shipped to your door.

We hope with these recommendations and tips, we’ve helped you to feel comfortable creating fantastic designs and logos for screen-printing!