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This is a series of frequently asked questions relating to how to place your order which also present our terms and conditions in a friendly, simple manner.

Don’t forget, you can always give us a ring if you still have any doubts:

1 - How can I order?


In each item, there is in place a system to calculate your own quote. The information required is:

  • colour of the item
  • quantity
  • printing
  • bagging

If there are no changes, this will be the final price. It offers the 3 delivery possibilities to choose between, depending on your deadline.

At this point, you can download this quote in PDF and share it with those who need the information, or you can apply for a quote from us which will lead you to the next page asking for the following information:

  • the T-shirt model
  • quantity with reference to sizes and colours
  • location of printing: chest, back, sleeves etc
  • size and colours of designs to print

If you requiere more than 1 type of T-shirt, specify the different models with regards to colours and sizes in this part. Remember to mention your deadline – the exact date if it’s for an event - for receiving your order too, especially if it’s very urgent.

Also, don’t forget to attach your designs to the request for a quote or we won’t be able to give you any extra information. If you have many designs, you can either send us a separate e-mail or send various quote applications with a note to say they’re for the same order.

For the moment, there is absolutely no obligation, you’re just asking for information. Remember to add your contact details or we won’t be able to respond!


When you’ve completed step 1 and sent us your quote request, we’ll receive an e-mail with the information you have supplied, no more, no less. At that moment, we may get in touch to clear up any doubts we have regarding your design, colours or sizes, whilst we double-check stock and revise your design. If we do not get in touch via phone, you should receive an e-mail from us within 24-48 hours but normally much faster with your final quote. Take into consideration the time frame, if you do not reply promptly, the order will need to be charged at a different delivery rate, becoming either Fast Service or Express Service.

In addition to your written confirmation with the information we ask for in our e-mail, we’ll also need payment and proof thereof. Thus, you can either pay by VISA or Paypal and we’ll be able to check for the payment ourselves or via bank transfer. If you choose to do a transfer, first please indicate the name of the person or company who has placed the order so that we know who has paid that amount (many people often just call it “T-shirt payment” which doesn’t help) and secondly please send us a copy of your receipt as soon as possible so we can get ahead with the order.

The delivery time begins once we’ve received the payment and your confirmation with all the relevant details: colours, sizes, printing information etc.


Once we have all of the information stipulated above, as soon as we possibly can, we’ll send you a Digital Artwork Proof of your personalised item, this consists of a PDF document with your design mounted on the chosen item, with the colours and measurements that we will use at the printing stage. Here, you have the chance to make any final amendments before your order is sent to our workshop. Once we have your written confirmation of the virtual example via e-mail, we’ll get started with your order and have it shipped out to you for the pre-arranged delivery date.

We do not send the screens or technical films used during the process nor the embroidery programmes.

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2 - If I want various models, which price range applies?

If the items are the same brands and the different models of the same T-shirt, you can add the quantities together to use the best price range. E.g. 50 x B&C 150 + 20 x B&C 150 Kids + 30 x B&C 150 Women Only = 100 items, thus price column of 100.

If they’re from varying brands or models, we’ll apply the best possible price we can. Normally, you can choose a selection of colours and sizes but there are some restrictions with regards to certain models, which only sell packs of 5 or 10 per size and colour.

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3 - How can I send you my artwork?

You can either send it to us attached to the quote request or separately via e-mail to info@tshirts-uk.com. Remember to give the name of the file a specific and not generic name due to the large influx of orders for similar events that we receive. For example, please try to avoid such names as : champsionship, trip etc.

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4 - What format does my original artwork need to be?

A good quality original artwork can sometimes print badly; a bad quality original artwork will never print well... We accept vector formats: Freehand and Illustrator, but take care to trace the font and include images added by you. When possible, please send your original artwork in actual size. We do not accept font documents to download. Please trace any new fonts within the design. You can also send it to us in Jpg, Gif, Tiff etc. but these must be in actual size and high resolution: 300dpi. Please do not send giant files which will cause problems in your and our mail systems, it’s better to compress into a jpg file.

Remember to mention the Pantone references for the colours in your design. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that screen-printing prints spot colours, meaning no shading and that fine lines or small details are very difficult to reproduce, although sometimes these can produce fantastic designs we cannot guarantee all minute detail will remain the same. But don’t worry too much, if there’s a problem with your artwork, we’ll let you know before moving onto the printing stage. If completely necessary, our designers can retouch your design at a cost.

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5 - What happens if I don’t know the Pantone colour reference?

Nearly all design programmes have a Pantone colour range included so we can all be on the same page. Remember that screen-printing cannot reproduce exact Pantone colours but we do try to get as close as possible to the real thing.

If you do not have the reference, you can tell us a common name for the type of colour you’re looking for, i.e. navy blue, lemon yellow etc. and we’ll try our best to find what you’re looking for.

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6 - What are the payment methods?

As we mentioned in question 1, along with the confirmation, we’ll need the payment. In our final quote, we’ll always give you the bank details, the link to our secure online payment with VISA and the Paypal information. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact the sales team. With the bank details you can do a transfer from your branch or online or you can pay online with your Visa card or via paypal. Please, remember to let us know once you’ve made the payment, by sending a proof of payment when possible, so that we can go ahead with the order to avoid losing time.

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7 - What is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on many aspects. The first being the availability of stock, the amount, difficulty of the design, time of year, delivery address etc...

Our normal delivery service takes 16 days and within this time frame the fees are waivered on personalised orders of over £250.

We also have three other delivery services available:

  • Fast Service – Delivery in 12 days with UPS or TNT – delivery charges included in price
  • Express Service – Delivery in 10 days with UPS or TNT – delivery charges not are included in price (15%)
  • Fast Service – Delivery in 10 working days with UPS or TNT – delivery charges not are included in price (25%)

We always confirm the delivery date with the client and except in case of force majeure (fire, strike, accident etc) this delivery date is guaranteed.

Remember to tell us if you have a deadline to meet to avoid problems later on. We’ll always send an e-mail with the delivery company name, contact details and your order reference number so that you can track your order and organise the delivery if need be.

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8 – Who pays for the shipping?

The shipping fees are included in the final quote. If the total sum for a normal delivery service order surpasses £250, shipping is free. For fast or express service delivery, the delivery is always charged to the client.

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9 - If I just want plain T-shirts, with no printing, what is the price and delivery time?

To calculate your own quote you just need to select “no printing” from the online calculator next to the item you require and the price will be calculated for you. These orders are calculated with a 7% discount.

The delivery fees are charged on orders under £250 (before tax).

The normal delivery time is approximately 7 days but this can vary depending on the item.

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10 - Guarantees: What happens if there’s a problem with my order?

We take care to confirm all the details with the client in order to avoid errors. Our error percentage was 0,04% in 2013.

Having said that, if a mistake is made with regards to the model, colour, quantity or printing etc. which is directly caused by tshirts-uk.com, we’ll repeat the order as quickly as possible.

If the error is caused by the delivery company, such as a loss of all or part of the merchandise, we will repeat the order after a waiting period and the transport company will be billed via our insurance.

When an error is produced that could be chargeable to either party, we will always respond seriously, quickly and professionally. We therefore ask that the client too behaves cordially.

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11 - Refunds and returns

The client has a 10-day period from the moment of reception within which the product can be returned in certain cases. Previous to sending the merchandise, the client must get in contact with the sales team to discuss the options. If this contact is not made, the return cannot be accepted. If the merchandise is defective, we will replace it at no extra charge. If the order was without printing, the delivery and return transport costs will be charged to the client, or taken from the refund of the original sum. Additionally, we charge 20% of the total for administation and handling fees.

In order to perform a refund, it is necessary to send the merchandise back to us with it’s original packaging in the state in which the client received it, ensuring that it cannot be manipulating during transportation. We will not take responsibility for orders which have evidently been used or modified.

A refund will not be given to those orders reproduced following client’s directions which includes personalised clothing or any item which has been specifically ordered for a client. A refund will always depend on the agreement of both parties.

The customer expressly waives these Conditions of Employment, submitting to the legislation and the specific agreement governing the acquisition of a customised or specific product. In case of a manufacturing defect in the purchased product, we will proceed as set out in the regulations on consumer goods collateral proceeding to the replacement, repair, price reduction or resolution as appropriate.

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12 - How can I be sure my order will arrive on time?

As we have previously mentioned in question 11, if the merchandise is lost, we will replace it at the cost of our insurance with the delivery company.

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13 - If I want to repeat my order, how do I go about it?

In case of repetition, you just need to get in touch with us and mention some details about your previous order: invoice number or billing name, that way we can find your details and move on with your next order. After that, we follow the steps just like the first order.

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14 - Can I bring you my own T-shirts to be printed?

We do not accept items from the client to be printed. With repeat orders, the technical costs will be charged at 50% the original price. This is because although we already have the screen and film of your design, we also need to cover the costs of preparing the machine.

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15 - If I can’t find the exact model I want, can you give me a quote for items not on your website?

We can give you a price for any item from the following brands: Fruit of the loom, Gildan , Sols, B&C, Roly, Jerzee’s, Russell, ITM, Bella, Aqua, Clique, New Wave, Texas Bull, Printer, Harvest, Kariban, Slazenger, JHK, Kustom Kit, James & Nicholson, Hanes, Stedman...

If you know what item it is that you need, feel free to ask for a quote. We’ll always try to offer the best price compared with our other items from that brand.

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16 - What do I do if I want to use a different printing technique?

This website offers screen-printed T-shirts, but that’s not all we offer. We also provide the following services: embroidery, classic transfer, digital transfer, DTG, CAD-cut vinyl and sublimation etc. The various techniques have different prices which are all available online or you can send us an e-mail requesting a quote. Our site also gives a brief explanation of how we use each method in our workshop.

If you have any remaining questions of course don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to orientate you.

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17 - Suggestions and complaints

If you have anything that you’d like to mention to us, good or bad, congratulate, advise, suggest or criticise us, please do so, by sending a message to info@tshirts-uk.com.

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18 - Friends of Tshirts-uk.com and our blog

We’re building a blog with all your photos, comments etc.: Feel free to send us all your information to info@tshirts-uk.com.

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